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YT2033821272110989, this is the tracking number for my package.
The expected delivery period indicated was December 12, 2020, to December 22, 2020, and now its December 28, 2020, and I still have not received any notification regarding my package!!!

Why is it taking so long to delivery, I wanted the package with me by Christmas and now it seems that it won’t be here until even the New Years!
I understand that may be due to COVID-19, however, no other carrier is having this long delays in delivery.
Can you please quicken the process and get my package to me ASAP??

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Hi The package come from China. Thhis trasit is very long. I think In 1-2 week rhe package will arive.
2021-01-04 18:00
delivery to local courier

2021-01-04 12:00
Departed from Facility

2020-12-30 15:00
Arrived at Sort Facility

2020-12-28 12:00
Custom clearance completed

2020-12-13 21:11
Arrived at AIRPORT of Destination,clearance in process

2020-12-10 21:13
Departed from AIRPORT of Origin

2020-12-09 15:45
SH, Arrive at international airport to abroad

2020-12-09 12:00
Shanghai, Departed Facility In processing center

2020-12-08 16:04
YT-SH, Departed Facility in YT-SH

2020-12-08 06:35
YT-SH, Arrived at Sort Facility YT-SH

2020-12-03 10:53
Shipment information received

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