COSCO Tracking - Śledź swoją paczkę na żywo

COSCO tracking is an effective solution for tracking your container or shipment. Although the COSCO shipping line offers unparalleled and disruption-free shipping services globally. However, still determining the time when your shipment will reach you is fruitful.

Besides COSCO Tracking, you can also use My Package Tracking as your go-to tracking solution. Here you can use your tracking ID to find the real-time location of the shipment.

About COSCO Shipping

COSCO shipping is arguably one of the world-renowned container fleets. Moreover, the service network of this container fleet offers efficient and disruption-free coverage globally. COSCO Shipping has an integrated, globalized container service network that ensures a door-to-door supply chain in the best possible way.

Moreover, this shipping service’s coverage, sale, efficiency, and frequency are truly unparalleled. The service has provided its customers with efficient, comprehensive, and reliable shipping services.

Key facts about COSCO Shipping

COSCO Shipping is also looking ahead to become the global top-notch integrated container ecosystem shipper. It is aimed at leading in value creation and customer orientation.

However, here are some important facts about COSCO shipping you must know:

  • The company owns and operates more than 500 container vessels with an approx. The Capacity of 2.2 million TEU.
  • Moreover, the company is the top-notch service provider globally regarding extensive shipping capacity.
  • Additionally, the company operates 409 domestic and international routes. These include 57 domestic routes, 268 international routes, and 84 feeder routes.
  • Above all, the company’s fleet is also called 574 ports in about 142 different regions and countries worldwide.

COSCO Shipping is also equipped with an integrated and global network. The shipping line also strives to offer smooth and stable operations of the supply chain. It has actively developed a global and digital container system to offer more value to its customers and downstream and upstream partners.

Types of containers

COSCO shipping lines have been offering a top-notch variety of containers. However, the different types of container services you can achieve here include:

  • Dry containers
  • Open Top Containers
  • Reefer Containers
  • Flat Rack Containers

Let’s learn more about the different containers available at COSCO tracking and what you can send through these containers.

So, here we go:

Dry Containers

Most merchant cargos prefer dry containers to ship their products from the origin to the destination. Different types of merchants who can use dry containers for their shipments include:

  • Agriculture
  • Hi-tech
  • Retail
  • Industry
  • Food
  • Woods
  • Minerals
  • Automotive
  • Appliances
  • Plastic and rubber
  • Manufacturing
  • Chemistry

So, you will choose dry containers if you want to ship items belonging to any of the above-mentioned industries.

Open Top Containers

Do you want to ship larger machinery or giant items from the origin to any destination? Then, Open Top Containers are the best options to choose from in this regard. These containers have been designed appropriately to transport large machinery, timber, steel, glass, and huge-sized sheet materials.

Here are the industries that can preferably choose open-top containers:

  • Steel
  • Wood
  • Plate
  • Glass
  • Machinery equipment

Reefer Containers

This container is more commonly suitable for transporting fresh vegetables and fruits. Also, you can use these containers to ship the goods that require efficient temperature control the most. For example, medicines, plates of seafood, meat, and drinks.

Reefer containers are efficiently designed to maintain your goods’ temperature and cold storage. These containers can maintain their temperature even in the most challenging shipping scenarios.

Flat Rack Containers

On the other hand, flat rack containers are highly suitable for oversized cargo. You can choose this container option for the cargo you can’t transport through any of the above-mentioned container types.

Bonus Tip:

Regardless of the container type you choose, it’s imperative to use COSCO Tracking. You can use Śledzenie mojej paczki to find the actual location of your shipment. Consequently, it will become easier to estimate when you receive your package.

Rules and regulations for cargo stuffing operation

All the rules and regulations for cargo stuffing operations have been formulated to standardize cargo stuffing operations. These rules ensure safe and efficient container transport while protecting the right and interests of involved parties.

General Provisions

So, agency company staff is responsible for explaining stuffing operations to container users. They must tell them how to complete stuffing operations to comply with the company’s regulations.

  • The staff must explain their customer’s time and report it to headquarters. Any container stuffing violation is strictly prohibited here.
  • Most importantly, if the agency has knowingly accepted the stuffing in conformity with the user, such a company will be liable for the resulting loss.
  • However, if the user has acquired booking confirmation by fraud, the user will be solely liable for the entire loss resulting from violating containers’ stuffing violation.

General Cargo Stuffing rules

Here are some of the most important rules to know for using COSCO container stuffing and shipping services:

  • The stuffing weight shouldn’t surpass the allowed maximum container payload. The weight after stuffing should be within the maximum gross weight limit consolidated on the data plate.

The nameplate is often available on the bottom or rear corner post.

  • Also, balance the load on the containers’ bottom when stuffing. It is always imperative to avoid putting the load on one end. Also, you should avoid excessive load concentration at one end of the container.
  • Always use appropriate cushioning materials if you are shipping heavy-load machinery or other bulky items. This must comply with the legal shipment requirements at the origin and destination.
  • You must stuff heavy items on wooden dunnage or pallet. This practice is necessary for the safe transport of materials.

These are some of the most important container-stuffing rules that every customer must follow for the safe and loss-free transportation of objects.


Arguably, COSCO shipping is one of the leading container fleet systems. However, COSCO tracking has become easier than ever before with My Package Tracking. You can now find the real-time location of your shipments within no time. So, now stop estimating the arrival time of your shipment. In fact, use this service to see when exactly you will receive your packages.


Who owns COSCO shipping?

COSCO shipping is a Chinese state-owned container fleet system. The company is headquartered in Shanghai and offers its shipping services globally.

How can I perform COSCO tracking?

So, the best way to perform COSCO tracking is Śledzenie mojej paczki. You can simply enter the tracking ID and find the location of your shipments.

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