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A guide to Old Dominion Freight Line

Old Dominion Freight Line has served over 85 years in the shipping industry. The company has a top-notch on-time record of delivering your packages. Most importantly, Old Dominion Freight Line also has low claim records due to their lucrative services.

Why Old Dominion Freight Line?

Old Dominion Freight Line has been a leading shipping solution for decades. The company has been known for its proven track record and is renowned for good reasons. These more often include:

  • Old Dominion Freight Line offers prime LTL shipping services.
  • They always ensure to provide damage-free and on-time shipment. However, if you still want to track your Old Dominion Freight Line shipment, you can opt for Śledzenie mojej paczki. The process of tracking your shipment is quick and simple.
  • Old Dominion Freight Line has established itself as a readily available shipping solution. Here you can get multiple shipping solutions from domestic LTL to specialized services.

The shipping solution provides a variety of solutions to meet the needs of every customer out there. The process to ship your packages through Old Dominion Freight Line is simple. You just have to get your estimates by making a phone call here. Then schedule your freight pickup as per your needs.

Lastly, track your shipment through the Old Dominion Freight Line tracking solution. Or use My Package tracking for real-time location information.

Types of services Old Dominion Freight Line provides

Here is the quick detail of every service you can get here.

So, here we go:

Domestic LTL (Less than a truckload)

Old Dominion Freight Line is a national LTL carrier working with above 250 service centers. The single-source operation of ODFL lets you manage your domestic LTL services without any hassle. Here you can get nationwide coverage across all US regions.

You can ship freight both inter and Intra regionally with highly competitive transit pricing and time.

Expedited LTL (Less Than Truckload)

To send guaranteed deliveries within normal transit times, expedited LTL service suits you. This service can ship your freight wherever and whenever you need it.

Global Freight

You can also use international shipping services to various points in North America. You can choose anything from the international container, FCL, or international air shipping.

Truckload Services

Old Dominion Freight Line can also get convenient and safe truckload services. For added peace of mind, Old Dominion Freight Line also offers truckload-plus services for its clients.

Container Drayage Services

You can ship your full container with Container Drayage Services of Old Dominion Freight Line. You can use their services to import, export, or domestic rail full containers to and from any continental US destination.

Specialized Services

Old Dominion Freight Line can serve you whether you want to ship high-volume or high-value packages. You can opt for specialized Old Dominion Freight Line shipping services for this.

Premium freight shipping services are the backbone of Old Dominion Freight Line. Here you can always get unique customer service as per your needs.

Key shipping resources of Old Dominion Freight Line

To successfully succeed in domestic or international freight, you must understand the logistic documentation creation. The sender has to provide all this essential documentation to Old Dominion Freight Line. Some of the most important documentation you should consider for this include:

  • Performa invoice
  • The letter of inquiry
  • Freight bill
  • The bill of lading
  • Payment terms
  • Free on Board (FOB)
  • Certificate of Ori

You may need to provide all or some of these documents for successful freight shipping.

Important Note:

Fortunately, tracking your freight has also become super quick and convenient with Śledzenie mojej paczki. Simply add your freight tracking number to get the real-time location of your order.

Here is some other important information you must know about shipping freight successfully.

So, here we go:

Pay invoices to file a claim

Do you want to choose Old Dominion Freight Line as your best LTL carrier? You can easily view and pay invoices online through their website.

Although the carrier is highly dedicated to ensuring the lowest claim rate. However, still, at times, you may need to file a claim for some reason. Fortunately, filing a claim is easier with Old Dominion Freight Line than you think.

You can easily file a claim from the Old Dominion website.  

Tariffs and important shipping documents

Tariffs are the price or rate applied to freight delivered from one place to another. Various tariffs exist out there based on multiple factors. These factors include:

  • Distance to the destination (where you have to deliver freight)
  • Transport type used to ship freight
  • Cargo form and more.

Old Dominion Freight Line maintains its tariffs documentations regularly. However, do you want to know more details about tariffs? Then you can easily contact the customer service team of Old Dominion Freight Line.

Moreover, you can also view and download tariffs that may apply to your freight.

Filling or printing shipping forms

With Old Dominion Freight Line, filling and printing shipping forms and labels is pretty convenient. You can easily download your shipping forms and labels as PDF files. Then you can simply view and complete the forms as per the required information.

Always remember that filling out the form before printing is necessary.

Final thoughts

Old Dominion Freight Line offers a variety of shipping solutions to meet your needs. However, for Old Dominion Freight Line Shipment tracking, use My Package Tracking’s simplest solution. Add your shipment’s tracking ID and find the real-time location of your shipment within no time.


How long does Old Dominion Freight Line take to ship packages?

The time ODFL takes to deliver your package entirely depends on your chosen service. Moreover, it also depends upon the distance to your destination.

Can I track Old Dominion Freight Line shipments?

Yes, you can track your ODFL shipments easily. Use ODFL shipment tracking solution to estimate when you will receive your goods.

How can I track the Old Dominion Freight Line package?

There are two ways to track your ODFL shipment tracking. Firstly, you can use ODFL’s tracking solution. Secondly, you can use Śledzenie mojej paczki for this.

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