SF-Express Trackind and Delivery

SF Express is the largest Chinese integrated logistic service provider. Moreover, this is also the 4th largest logistics provider globally. The shipping carrier has built its tremendous reputation on service capabilities. Moreover, its logistic services have diversified into 7 distinct segments. All these segments revolve around logistics ecosystem establishments. Moreover, SF Express has also leveraged its technology development and research capabilities. The logistic service provider is now striving to develop a diverse digital supply chain.

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SF-Express Delivery: The types of shipping services you can get.

SF has been offering a wide range of shipping solutions for its customers. You can easily choose your preferred one as per your unique needs. However, here we will describe the topmost shipping services of SF-express that you must know.

So, here we go:

SF-Express delivery

Here is what you can consider getting from SF-Express delivery:

SF Same Day Delivery

So, here is another lucrative shipping solution of SF Express Delivery to know. Fortunately, SF Same Day Delivery service offers you an efficient solution for efficient same-day package shipments. With this option, the SF team will pick up and deliver your package on the same day.

  • Same-day delivery is guaranteed with effective resources. It is a priority mail to dispatch, transit, and deliver your shipment under this category.
  • Depending on your unique scenario, you can choose different value-added services to personalize shipping services.
  • You can also use an intelligent and transparent network of SF-Express to track your Same-day shipments.
  • Initial and additional weight is a key factors in pricing your package.
  • Moreover, the service is available only in specific destinations in mainland China.

SF Speedy Express

Do you want to get a door-to-door standard shipping service? SF speedy express service is certainly the right solution for you. This service has characterized by punctuality, stability, and speediness.

  • SF has integrated top-notch transport capacity solutions. Therefore, the service ensures precise commitment, quick transit time, and enhanced stability.
  • You can also choose different value-added add-ons to meet your different delivery needs.
  • The whole delivery process with SF Speedy Express is traceable.
  • Pricing of this shipping service varies based on distance, different routes, and package weight.
  • SF Speedy Express covers 300+ cities in Mainland China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macao, etc.
  • SF team will pick up and ship your package within the specified time and coverage. However, you can use My Package Tracking to track detailed shipment arrival times.

SF Standard Express

You can avail of standard Express service if you need a door-to-door shipment solution. Moreover, this shipping service of SF Express features stable transit time, better prices, and improved coverage. The other key features of SF Standard Express service include:

  • It offers stable transit time for your shipments.
  • Moreover, the service also offers precise commitments and stress-free shipping services.
  • Additionally, the service is customizable to meet the needs and demands of different shipping scenarios.
  • Even with standard express delivery service, the whole shipping process is traceable.
  • Your shipping prices may vary under this category based on distance, weight, and size of shipments.
  • This service also offers coverage in above 300 cities in Mainland China, Macao, Taiwan, and Hong Kong.
  • Shipments under this category will also be delivered and picked within certain coverage and time.

Instant Delivery

So, here are the types of Instant Delivery options you can have:

SF Rush

SF Rush is an intra-city quick delivery service offered under the Instant Delivery category of SF. The dedicated courier service team will pack and transport your package from point to point. With SF Rush, you can instantly transport your packages within the city.

  • You can also get custom, value-added services under this category to fulfill your shipping needs.
  • Moreover, entire SF Rush deliveries are traceable thanks to an intelligent network.
  • SF Rush has integrated various transport capacities to offer direct delivery with pickup.
  • Prices of SF Rush varies city to city, and the package type, size, and weight.
  • Customers who have high shipping needs can leverage credit accounts.
  • Above all, SF Rush offers its service coverage in 500+ countries

Freight Service

SF Express also offers various freight services to meet your shipping needs. You can easily choose any of the below-mentioned freight services for your business.

So, here we go:

·        SF Road Freight Express

This Freight Express solution targets large-sized shipments whose weight is 20Kg. This efficient and high-quality logistic service can fulfill the shipping needs of large B2C parcels. Moreover, it can also facilitate goods allocation in B2B scenarios. You can also use this logistic solution for batch shipments or palletized shipments.

·        Large Size LTL

These Large-size delivery solutions can carry any shipment weighing up to 500 KG. This logistic solution has been launched to effectively serve enterprise customers. Moreover, it can help split logistic costs and help businesses stay focused on their core business tasks.

·        FLT Direct Delivery

Here is an amazing customized product delivery solution for SF express consumers. You can choose this delivery option to meet your unique demands and transport a truckload of goods without stress.

·        City Delivery

City delivery offers a standard shipping system to meet all your relocation and package delivery needs. Moreover, their city delivery service takes customers at its core and offers top-notch solutions.


SF-express is arguably one of the best logistics service providers in China. However, the shipping carrier offers its services all across the world.

Despite the reliable shipping solutions, you can track your SF-express shipping with My Package Tracking. The service can offer you real-time shipment tracking services. Moreover, using My Package Tracking service is pretty simple. You can simply add the tracking ID of your shipment and get real-time shipment location quickly.


What type of international shipping services are available at SF Express?

Here are the types of international shipping solutions you can find at SF Express Tracking

  • SF Standard Express
  • SF Economy Express
  • International Heavy Freight
  • SF Buy
  • SF Overseas warehouse and fulfillment
  • SF E-parcel
  • SF Ecommerce Express

Can I track SF-express shipments?

Fortunately, My Package Tracking has made shipment tracking easier than ever. You can now instantly find the location of your shipments in real-time using this service.

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