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Tracking Saia is arguably the best solution to track your packages or shipment. Although you can enjoy on-time package deliveries with Saia. Still, knowing the exact location of your shipment is a must. Fortunately, My Package Tracking offers a quick way to find the real-time location of your shipments. This service is here to make tracking Saia a breeze for everyone.

About Saia: A glance at the company overview

Saia is arguably one of the leading shipping carriers that let you send or receive packages from anywhere. It can let you have the experience to rely on.

Saia Logistics Services has been in business since 1924. The company started from a family car and turned into a shipping truck by removing its rear seats. Over the years, Saia kept expanding and established its terminals throughout Texas and Louisiana.  Saia continued its work and announced its partner company’s acquisition in 2007.

Later the company also expanded its shipping capabilities to LTL freight.

  • Saia is also familiar with providing top-notch LTL truckload services and 3PL logistics.
  • Saia has approx. 187 shipping terminals.
  • It also offers direct service coverage in the Contiguous US.
  • The company deals with more than 30,000 shipments per day.
  • It also offers partnered or extended coverage in regions such as Mexico, Canada, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and Alaska.
  • Saia has employed above 12000 people in its team.

Linkex and Saia Logistics Services offer complete logistics and transportation services in multiple regions.

Saia services to know.

Do you want to learn more about the services Saia offer? Look at the key services you can get from Saia Logistics Services below.

So, here we go:

SAIA guaranteed service

The guaranteed service of Saia promises its consumers to stay confident about the quick and on-time delivery of their mail or packages. The experienced and professional logistics team has backed Saia’s guaranteed logistic service.

For their guaranteed services, you can pick a time from 12 pm and 5 pm. Saia will deliver your package accordingly on a standard delivery day.

However, you must remember that you will pay:

  • 35% upcharge for 12 pm delivery time
  • 25% upcharge for 5 pm delivery time.

To avail of the service, you just need to write Saia Guaranteed = “5” or “12” on your BOL.

Important note:

Each guaranteed shipment has been marked, especially within the Saia Logistics system. Therefore, it is always visible to the shipping experts of the company. Consequently, Saia specialists always know they must deal with your package proactively. So, they will ensure to deliver your package by your mentioned time.

Fortunately, you can consider tracking Saia guaranteed package to see where it is in real-time. My Package Tracking is always the best way to track your Saia packages without hassle.


Saia is also helping businesses meet the growing demands of multi-location retailers. Arguably, this is one of the biggest challenges, especially for seasoned suppliers. Retail MABD (Must Arrive by Date) is an innovative solution to bring ease and convenience to suppliers’ lives.

This solution is here to eliminate the costly fees of chargeback.

Saia’s retail delivery assurance service coordinates well with all aspects of logistics. These range from scheduling appointments to sending deliveries and notifications for delays. Moreover, this service allows you to send and track your shipments without hassle. Consequently, you will have an improved business bottom line.

Additionally, Saia offers a two-tier solution to meet the needs of retailers. These include:

·        MABD

This is a more suitable solution for big-box retailers. Saia offers proactive communication solutions to retailers continuously. Moreover, here you can also get proper assistance in case of any shipment delays.

Always remember MABD service won’t offer early or late shipments. The service has been designed only to deliver on-time shipments to anyone.

·        Custom Requests

Custom Request is a tailored service that meets all the specific shipping dates and times. A passionate and highly dedicated team always monitors shipments sent under this service.

This service also facilitates weekend deliveries and non-business hours.

Do you want to determine your specific freight needs or requirements to comply with MABD service? You can simply use the reserve transit calculator. However, if you are here to track Saia shipments in real-time, My Package Tracking is arguably the best stop for you. Simply place your tracking ID here and see where your shipment currently is.

Cross border shipping

Fortunately, Saia also facilitates cross-border shipping services between the United States and Mexico. The LTL freight of SAIA has extended its services to the borders of Mexico on Xtreme. Their logistic partners schedule cross-border shipping services daily. Moreover, customers can enjoy highly competitive pricing and transit time for cross-border shipping services.

Most importantly, with Xtreme, you will also get the accountability and advantages of a single service provider.

Saia offers two days delivery services to multiple areas of Mexico. This service is certainly here to make you in action. Saia has its gateway terminals in Laredo, TX. Fortunately, the terminal allows Saia to offer door-to-door shipping services across Mexico.

Their quick services and top-notch customer service are always here to offer you a reliable shipping solution.

Offshore shipping

Overthinking your shipments to Hawaii, Alaska, and Puerto Rico is easier. However, Saia relies on the world’s best technology to handle and process its offshore shipping operations.

Saia offers tracked and secured door-to-door shipping facilities in these three regions. The company ships all its containers by cargo.

Moreover, Saia also offers certified handling of all hazardous materials across these destinations.


Saia is certainly one of the best shipping carriers available. However, for efficient tracking Saia, you can rely on My Package Tracking service. The service offers a simple and quick shipment tracking solution. Simply add the tracking ID of your shipment and get the real-time location.


How can I get my shipment information?

You can use Saia’s online tools to get information about your shipments. These include quotes, tracking, documents and transit time, etc.

How can I track my Saia package?

You can use the Saia tracking service for this. My Package Tracking is another efficient service for tracking Saia.

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