USPS PRI Mail - Śledź swoją paczkę na żywo

Priority Mail, aka PRI Mail, is a shipping service. The service offers delivery and tracking packages in up to 3 business days. Customers can check the estimated delivery time on the delivery map of priority mail. You can also ship packages at a flat rate. However, the package must be up to 70 lbs.

Moreover, customers can also use Click-N Ship to ship their packages from post office locations or even their businesses.

What are the key features of PRI Mail?

Here are the key features of PRI Mail by USPS you must know:

  • PRI Mail offers a quicker delivery time of only 1 to 3 business days.
  • USPS offers a free pickup service for your package from your doorstep.
  • The service also features USPS tracking and insurance of up to $100 for most shipments.
  • PRI mail doesn’t charge customers for fuel, Saturday, or rural delivery.

Most importantly, this service is also available for a flat rate.

Priority mail express services

Priority Mail Express service offers one to two days of delivery service. The service is also available with a money-back guarantee. Customers can pay an additional fee for a super urgent package to get holiday or Sunday delivery service through Priority mail express.

Priority mail express also offers package pickup from your doorstep for free.

Although the service includes USPS tracking. However, you can get the real-time location of your package via My Package Tracking.

Key requirements for PRI Mail

Here are the key requirements of using PRI Mail service that you must know before sending your packages:

Use flat rate USPS PRI Mail service

You can send your packages through PRI Mail with flat rates anywhere in the United States. You must use USPS Priority Mail packaging for this. Moreover, your mail pieces’ weight needs up to 70 lbs.  

Opt for envelopes or boxes available in standard size for PRI Mail flat rate. This packaging will keep you from measuring the weights of your package. The container flaps must shut within normal folds while sealing this flat-rate box or envelope.

Pay by weight or zone.

Another option to send your package via PRI Mail is to use your box but pay by zone or weight. You will need to pay for your package as per how much the package weighs and the zone. 70lbs has to be the maximum weight here.

Measuring your package to ensure that it meets the standard size requirements is imperative.

Your package’s maximum width and length (combined) should be 108 inches.

Important information:

DIM weight rates will be applied to even lightweight but large packages. Is your package bigger than 1728 cubic inches? Then:

  • Multiply height, width, and length and divide by 166. You can get the DIM weight of your package in pounds.
  • However, in case of more weight, you’ll need to pay the price for DIM weight.

Moreover, you will also need to pay more for non-standard package sizes.

After sending your package via PRI Mail USPS, you can use My Package Tracking. This simple and quick service will allow you to instantly track your package’s real-time location. You just need to enter your tracking ID to track your package live.

Shipping restrictions you must know.

Whether you want to send a package or mail a letter, you have to follow USPS and US shipping guidelines. It is vital to learn the prohibited, restricted, or allowed mail. Some items are entirely forbidden or restricted to send in the United States.

Shipping restrictions may be different for domestic or international shipping. So, you must keep these things in mind.

Customer Responsibilities

All PRI Mail USPS customers must be responsible for reviewing whether their package is mailable. You are also responsible for complying with US shipping regulations and Postal Service rules.

You must pack your item, package it securely, and mark it as per requirements. To ensure the correct labeling of your package, take it to your nearest post office.

If there is any package containing hazardous items, you must keep it separate from other packages. Also, present this package with a HAZMAT label.

Restricted items to ship

Some items are not prohibited but are restricted to sending through the mail. To send such items, you must follow all the guidelines and restrictions properly. Here we have enlisted some of the restricted items that you must know:

  • Aerosols: Aerosols contain butane, propane, and fire extinguishers. So, comply with the specific rules to mail aerosols safely via USPS.
  • Alcohol: You can’t send alcoholic beverages through the mail only in limited circumstances.
  • Tobacco, cigar, and cigarette: You must review the mailability and definitions of these items before shipping.
  • Cremated Remains: You can use PRI Mail Services only to ship Cremated remains of per or humans. Always use the stronger inner box to ensure safety.
  • Dry Ice: You can mail dry ice only when it aims at using it as a refrigerant to maintain the temperature for other hazardous items.
  • Firearms: Only licensed dealers or manufacturers can send or receive such items.
  • Glues: Before sending these through USPS, review the flashpoints and toxicity of the item you want to send.
  • Hemp Products: Any hemp products, whether medical or recreational, with a THC content of 0.3% is restricted. You need to follow guidelines to mail such items.

·       Prohibited items to ship

Items that are completely forbidden to mail through USPS PRI Mail include:

  • Air Bags
  • Explosive items
  • Ammunition
  • Marijuana, both medical and recreational
  • Gasoline

You are responsible for reviewing and ensuring that your package doesn’t contain any of the above-mentioned items. Sending these items in your package can result in a penalty.

Final thoughts

USPS PRI Mail is an efficient service that you can use to send packages domestically or internationally. Use Śledzenie mojej paczki for efficient package tracking. Get the live location of your package and estimate the shipping times more accurately.


What to do if my mail piece hasn’t been delivered?

Firstly, use an efficient package tracking solution such as Śledzenie mojej paczki to get the live location of your package. Then check your package status. If you can’t find any info about your package, simply contact the customer support service of USPS.

Is PRI mail’s delivery time guaranteed?

The delivery time of Priority mail express service is guaranteed. You can have a money-back guarantee with this service.

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