AliExpress live tracking

AliExpress live order tracking

When you use the Parcels app, you will know where your shopping orders made from AliExpress are. Package tracking on AliExpress is an efficient tracking track service provided.

Once the payment for an order on the AliExpress website platform is done, the seller will package your parcel for transportation and hand it over to the postal company. It is important to know that, the method you choose before payment will determine which courier company will deliver your goods. The goods are delivered by AliExpress standard shipping and China Post Small Packet if the delivery is free.

This is how AliExpress will offer free shipping. The seller does this on different occasions. e.g. buy including the shipping cost into the price of the products.

If a package is sent to the China postal office, a unique tracking number is assigned to track the package This will help keep track of your package. A tracking AliExpress number assigned to your parcel/ package will be available on the AliExpress order page to assist you to track your AliExpress parcel/ package status. Update: Lots of AliExpress package delivered by Yun Express

What is AliExpress?

AliExpress was launched in 2010 as an online shopping service. It is owned by the Alibaba group based in China. It offers international buyers services to use this platform to purchase various products from seller businesses like in China. In Russia, AliExpress is one of the most popular and visited e-commerce website platforms and is also a popular website in Brazil.

Once you make your order from AliExpress, you can use AliExpress shipping to ship and track the status of your goods and products.

AliExpress is in partnership with local (China) and international postal services. This helps in their delivery operations. Some of these are, Singapore Post, Posti Finland & DHL.

How do I track a parcel from AliExpress?

You need to enter the tracking number of your order into the track form and click on the “track parcel” button to see its status. This give’s you the latest information about your parcel/ package. If you need to save several tracking numbers to check on your parcels/packages often, it is easier to download the Parcels application on your phone. The Parcels app will keep your package track information, several orders at one time while receiving up-to-date tracking information on every parcel.

Parcel Tracking

The AliExpress order number and tracking number are two different numbers. The AliExpress order number will be similar to the following 502370139095420, 70050 660905420 86087307282773. The package tracking numbers will look similar to this YT72760621444007800, ZA 247945542HK, 460230324276,RY50555 7973CN.

Note that, you won’t be able to track your parcel using the track AliExpress order number. You will need to find your order’s tracking number on the AliExpress order page.

  • Go on the AliExpress website.
  • Click on the “my orders” link section to find the order you need, then click on the Details link.
  • The order details will be displayed on the page. You will need to copy and paste the tracking number on the form provided. Find the” track parcel” button and click on it.
  • The parcel service will automatically provide track information on the current location and status of your courier shipment after a while.

Shipment Process

AliExpress is in the proposition of two services(options);

  • The AliExpress standard shipping, which usually takes 15 to 45 days to deliver the parcel.
  • The AliExpress premium shipping, which usually takes 7 to 15 days to deliver the parcel.

When an order is made, the seller gives an estimation of the delivery time of the packages. It will average from 15 to 45 days for AliExpress standard shipping, and 7 to15 days for the AliExpress premium shipping option.

Online Shopping & Ecommerce

Other factors will affect the delivery time and these are;

  • The destination country– if a country has an efficient state postal service and people order a lot from online websites, a parcel will be delivered faster. Meteorological events may also affect delivery negatively by prolonging it. E.g. typhoons grounding flights.
  • The shipping method– It is important to know that, when a private courier like FedEx or DHL sends the package, you will find that the package arrives sooner as the buyer pays custom fees. With other options such as courier or shipping methods, the length of delivery time will vary dependent on the shipping company. AliExpress has made partnerships with different local couriers in different countries and shipment through these couriers will be fast. Besides, if a buyer opts to use registered mail instead of regular mail, the delivery time for the package /packages will be shorter.
  • The time of the year-If a buyer makes an order during holidays or festive periods e.g. on Christmas or the Chinese New year, they will find that delivery statuses of the packages from AliExpress may be delayed. When many orders are made at once, this puts a load on the local postal service to deliver all parcels/packages sent out on time. You can, however, keep track of your parcel online on AliExpress order tracking to know of its shipping progress.
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Does AliExpress offer Live Parcel tracking?

Yes it does, with the Parcels App you will keep track of your orders statuses information through your package tracking number

Is AliExpress Safe?

The buyer is protected if the order of the package is made from AliExpress. AliExpress shipping provides the buyer with a tracking track service where they offer a tracking number on an order that enables them to get their tracking information on the progress of their parcel throughout its entire journey.

Is the AliExpress order number different from the tracking number?

Yes, it is, the order number is the number assigned to your order by the store. The tracking number will be what you will use to follow your package tracking route.


It is fun to shop with AliExpress as it provides you with the opportunity to order and track your goods in the comfort of your home. The AliExpress tracking option will give you a surety that your goods will get to you that the appropriate time too!