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USPS package tracking: here is, what you need to know

Information on USPS Tracking, USPS Delivery Time and common problems.

USPS Package Tracking – Problem with USPS parcel services?

All you need to keep track of your USPS package is a tracking number. You will find the tracking number on the voucher you get when you bring the package to a postal service when you are the sender. If you bought something online, the seller should provide you with the tracking number. In case he did not, you should contact the merchant directly.

The USPS tracking number consists of 22 numeric characters. The structure of the number depends on the type of shipping product used. Below are some examples:

Priority Mail®: 9205 5000 0000 0000 0000 00
Certified Mail®: 9407 3000 0000 0000 0000 00
Global Express Guaranteed®: 82 000 000 00
Priority Mail Express International®: EC 000 000 000 US

How Does USPS Tracking Work?

The possibility to monitor a package on the web from dispatch to delivery has the footing of its in how tracking works. Within each station, the package is going to be scanned by dedicated scanners. This starts with the shipping and delivery of the parcel, through processing in the parcel depots, up to delivery by the courier.

Not Every USPS Package Can Be Tracked

While you get a tracking number, with most USPS products, it is not the case for every single on them. This is especially true for First‑Class International Letters. So as a buyer you should make sure the seller did not use this product, else you don’t have the possibility to track your package properly.

Guide On How To Track Your Package From USPS

Track Time under 1 minute.

How to track your package by tracking number

  1. Enter the Tracking number

    Enter your USPS tracking number at the top of this websiteStep 1 Tracking Number Field

  2. Click the tracking button on the same page.

    After the tracking number press the button Track USPSStep 2 The Package Tracking Button

  3. Track your USPS package

    Get real-time information on the location of your USPS package online!step 3manual package tracking

USPS Delivery Times: How long does it take to ship via USPS?

Parcel Tracking map

Delivery times for packages sent with USPS vary due to different products, whether it is a national or an international shipment and other factors such as Christmas.  Most of the time international packages sent with USPS be delivered within two weeks, with national packages taking not longer than one week to arrive with the recipient.

Estimated Arrival Time For National And International USPS Shipments

Delivery times also vary with the type of transportation chosen. 

Shipment ProductNational/InternationalEstimated delivery time
Priority Mail Express®nationalup to 2 days
Priority Mail®national1-3 days
First-Class Mail®national1-3 days
USPS Retail Ground™national2 days – 1 week
Global Express Guaranteed® (GXG®)internationalup to 3 days
Priority Mail Express International®international3-5 days
Priority Mail International®international1-2 weeks

How do you get your package with USPS delivered?

  • USPS shipping always starts with the seller to bring your package to the local post office or a mail box. Bigger companies such as Amazon or Ebay do this every day, why smaller companies or private sellers, might only do it once or twice a week. 
  • A postman then takes your package together with all the other shipments. It is then shipped to a mail transportation plant via trucks. 
  • In these plants, machines automatically sort all packages regarding shape and site. They also sort them in a way, that the address can be read automatically by machines.
  • After this basic process of sorting the packages, they are delivered to different machines, which are the address on the package, and sort them for the right destinations. 
  • National shipments are then delivered to the right location by trucks and then finally delivered to you via a local post man. 
  • International packages have a longer way to go as they have to pass through customs first and then have to be sent to the destination country by plane, where the customs of the destination country checks the packages again. That is the main reason why international packages take much longer than national packages. 

FAQ and Answers – How We can help?

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How can i track my package without a tracking number?

Unfortunately, monitoring the parcel of yours without the tracking quantity is usually not possible. However, both, as a sender and as a receiver of an USPS package you should be given a tracking number. As a sender you get a voucher if you give the package of yours to USPS and as receiver, you should buy a tracking number from the sender. This’s especially true for orders from web based retail outlets. Therefore in case you have not received a tracking number just yet, you should inquire the shop in which you purchased your items.

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Where can I find my USPS tracking number?

Once you buy an item, you are going to receive a receipt with USPS tracking number on it. If you’re waiting for a package out of an internet retailer like Amazon or Ebay, you’ll usually get the monitoring quantity on the delivery confirmation.

How long does the shipment take to arrive?

USPS packages do not have a guaranteed time of delivery. Normally, your package should arrive within a few days though. However, in some situations it can take up to one or two weeks until you receive your package. The package is delivered on working days during

where is my tracking number

Can I track my USPS shipment live on a map?

Yes, our shipment tracking shows the current parcel status live on a map. Track your USPS shipment live here.

Why Is The USPS Package Tracking Not Working?

When our Website does not give you proper results when you type in your tracking number, this could have several reasons.

“When The Shipment Arrived In The Destination Country The Tracking Didn’t Update Anymore!”

When the package arrives  in the destination country, it will be processed by the postal service of the country. For example, when it’s in the Germany, it will be processed by DHL. In Australia, is Australia Post, whereas in the UK your package is being processed by Royal Mail, and in Canada by Canada Post respectively. 

“I Don’t Get Any Results From Your Tracking Software!”

If you do not get any results when typing in your USPS tracking number, this may have several reasons.

  • You may have typed in the wrong tracking number.  You should make sure that you have typed the correct number.
  • The tracking information usually needs 1-2 days until it finally shows up in the system. Wait another day or two and check again. If you still don’t get any tracking information contact the seller.

In addition, you should check for our  FAQ.  Our FAQ addresses all problems that occur with tracking numbers.

“What Does “In Transit To Next Facility” Mean For USPS Tracking?”

The message “in transit to Next facility” is not based on a real scan but is automatically logged in by USPS if there has not been a real scan for a long time.

So the last “real scan” is the one that appears before “in transit to Next facility” and that probably already happened 1 week ago.

There is an international sorting center of USPS in San Francisco. It could be that the shipment is exported from there to the destination country.

“The USPS Tracking Tool Says “Payment Of Charges” – What Does That Mean?”

The status text “Payment of charges – Item being held, address being notified” means, that import duties are due. You can determine the approximate amount of these with our customs calculator.

Since USPS does not operate its own “scanning stations” in foreign countries , the status message must have been transmitted from the national shipping company to USPS. Therefore, it is only displayed in USPS tracking.

The shipment will either be delivered to the recipient’s home address or it will be deposited at a customs office near him/her for collection.

Experience Problems With Your Package? This Is How You Contact USPS

You can contact USPS dialing (800) 522-9085. Most of the time it will be faster to just go into your local USPS office. You can also write an Email to get help with the location of your package.

  • Email:
Typing error


try it again
USPS Registration and operating errors

wait few minutes
Your parcel is damaged and will be repacked in a USPS package center


nothing, the package only gets new packaging
4wrong addressee

the package will be returned to you
Package lost

very rare
report to the seller

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