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Everything you need to know about Canadian postal tracking.

Canada Post is familiar with providing high-quality postal services at competitive prices. The postal service values its customers and provides reliable postal services nationally and internationally.

Most amazingly, the availability of Canadian postal tracking services has also made the process more hassle-free. Moreover, you can also make your Canadian postal tracking more convenient by using My Package Tracking services.

When will my package arrive from Canada Post?

Canada Post has a standard parcel and mail delivery time duration. Here is the estimated delivery time of the USPS package my package tracking details to know:

Regular mail time in Canada

The standard delivery time of local mail sent within Canada is two business days. However, receiving your mail within the province will take three business days. On the other hand, it will take 4 business days to arrive if you have a national mail.

Regular mail time to the United States

The mail sent to the United States of America will take four to six days to arrive at your destination. This is the standard delivery time set by Canada Post for regular mail to the USA.

Regular mail time for international mail

Do you want to know the standard time for regular mail sent from Canada to other countries except for the USA? It takes from four to seven business days to arrive by international mail.  

Find a Rate is an efficient tool of Canada Post that allows you to calculate the delivery time of your parcel.

Important Note:

The time frames mentioned above aren’t always guaranteed.

The weather and volume of the package may affect the standard delivery time of a package. However, using May Package Tracking Service, you can track your USPS package in real-time.

  • The process of Canadian postal tracking with this service is also quick and easy.
  • Simply enter your USPS tracking number, and you will get the live location of your package on the map.

What are the customs requirements for Canadian postal tracking?

All international packages from Canada post are subject to customs rules and regulations. The international mail will require to fulfill the customs laws of both countries, i.e., origin and destination. You must be aware of the three types of custom requirements. These include:

  • Restrictions and fees related to the goods mailed into Canada.
  • Also, Canadian restrictions and requirements on products you want to mail outside of Canada.
  • Rules ad requirements of foreign customs regarding destination country.

Above all, Canada post consumers must comply with all customs rules while sending or receiving international mail.

Custom requirements

The United States doesn’t allow the mailing of intoxicating or alcoholic beverages. CBP will immediately seize such items when discovered. Moreover, the USPS (United States Postal Services) will not accept packages that contain the following:

  • Roll your tobacco
  • Cigarette
  • Smokeless tobacco

Senders who will mail such items will also get criminal penalties.

Custom documentation

Items sent or received internationally must have custom documentation. The exact documentation required will depend upon the following:

  • Mail’s content
  • Destination or origin country
  • Used service for shipment

Moreover, writing all the customs information in French and English is necessary. In some cases, translation into the destination country’s language is also required, but French and English requirements are mandatory.

Important information:

Any package shouldn’t contain prohibited or dangerous items.

It is always your responsibility to ensure the information’s completeness, legibility, and accuracy. If you don’t do so, it will result in delays, non-delivery, or even the return of your package.

What are non-mailable items?

Any mail that contains an item:

  • Prohibited by law, for example, obscene material, illegal items, or any item you can’t send through mail.
  • Failed to meet certain marking requirements or physical characteristics
  • That can cause injury to people handling it.
  • That may damage postal equipment.
  • With sexually explicit material.

It is the responsibility of the sender to ensure the item is mailable. Because Canada Post may rely on the sender’s representation of the item.

Moreover, there exist items that are prohibited and restricted to mail. Let’s learn about these below:

Prohibited items

 Some items are entirely prohibited from sending or receiving by mail. Any package that contains an item that is:

  • Highly inflammable
  • Explosive
  • Radioactive
  • Otherwise, dangerous.

The sender can’t send any prohibited item through Canada Post under any condition.

Controlled items

Generally, senders can send controlled items through the mail. However, they must fulfill the following requirements to mail such items:

  • The sender must prepare these items properly to ship.
  • They must follow government regulations to send these items
  • The sender must meet all the applicable requirements to ship such items.

So, whenever someone is ordering or sending a shipment, they must understand their product category. This will keep them from any hassle.

Final Recommendation:

Canada Post is one of the leading postal services people send mail at domestic, national, or international levels. You can use Canadian postal tracking with our website My Package Tracking regardless of your destination. The service will help you to know the real-time location of your package within no time.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I track an envelope from Canada?

You can use online tracking for prepaid labels and envelopes. Canada Post online tracking allows you to track any of your packages shipped through them.

How long does it take to get a package from Canada Post?

The standard time to get a package from Canada Post primarily depends upon your origin and destination. You can receive local and national emails within 2 to 4 business days. However, international mail will take up to 7 days.

Can you track Canada Post mail?

Online tracking of Canada Post allows you to use tracking number from mail receipt or label to track your mail. This is the simplest process to confirm your delivery time.

How do I track Canada Post from the US?

You can open Canada Post Tracking for Canadian postal tracking. Enter tracking id, reference number, or delivery notice card to track Canada post from the US.

How can I track canadian post?

Although you can use Canada Post’s tracking service to track a package. However, if you want real-time Canadian postal tracking results, use My Package Tracking services.

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