Coupang Tracking – Support and delivery time forecast for Coupang

Coupang Tracking: How To Find It And Track the Status of Your Package

Coupang is an e-commerce giant retail company started in 2010 by Bom Kim, with its headquarters in South Korea. With its unique business model and artificial intelligence features, Coupang sells millions of products each year, making revenue of billions of dollars.

The company has more than 50 million products in its stores. Starting with a small retail company and growing it to a multi-billion business dollar company, it always offers an outstanding shopping experience to all of its customers. Its primary competitors in Asia are Amazon and Alibaba.

What is Coupang?

Coupang is one of the biggest e-commerce websites in Asia. The website started in 2010. However, in 2017 Coupang expanded its business to countries like China, India, Mexico, and Australia. The company also founded its online store called Pinpay in 2014. Pinpay is a Chinese online payment gateway. The service provided by Pinpay allows users to make online payments on both Coupang and Pinpay’s websites. Its main customer base is located in South Korea.

Coupang operates in several languages, including English, Korean, Chinese, Japanese, Thai, and Vietnamese. Coupang provides several convenient services for both the merchants and the customers. From saving your Coupang cart on your mobile phone to shipping, Coupang offers many exciting benefits. The major competitor of Coupang is Amazon, especially in South Korean region.

Coupang Tracking

Coupang is known for its number of users in Asia. And with its highly active user base, the importance of tracking your order on Coupang cannot be over-emphasized. Being a reward-based scheme, Coupang does not allow you to track the status of your order without opening a Shop cart on Coupang. However, if you are shopping from non-Korea domains, you should access the Coupang website through a gateway such as Alipay.

How To Find Your Coupang Order?

After you have opened a Shop Carton Coupang, you need to log into your Coupang account and find your order. Once you have found your order, the next step is to determine if your item has been delivered. To find out your order status, you can log into the Cart Express app and enter your order number to track your delivery.

Why Coupang tracking order is important

Tracking order is a big part of the way business is done in the business sector. There are several reasons why an e-commerce company needs to keep track of the order that is placed. Customers expect deliveries to be on time. They want to know when the parcel has been delivered to the door. Orders that have not been delivered to the customers are expensive to the company.

The company spends time and money to get an order delivered to the customer. Customers need to have peace of mind that their orders are getting delivered to them as expected. While this may sound simple, tracking an order can be very difficult. It is easy to lose track of the order when it has not been delivered.

How to Track My Order on Coupang

It’s very easy to track the Coupang delivery services with its rocket delivery features. To track your Coupang parcels live, you need to visit My Package Tracking and enter your Coupang tracking number. You will get your Coupang delivery number by email after you have made your order. This email will contain your delivery details and tracking information. After you have your tracking number, paste it on the tracking tool of My Package Tracking, and you will see all the data about your package.

How to contact Coupang?

You can go to Coupang’s official website to contact the Coupang online support and assistance.

You can call Coupang customer service numbers: 82-1577-7011.

Coupang customer support email address:


As per the research reports, Coupang is enjoying a great demand as its shares are soaring up to $20 per share. Although the growth rate is still on the lower side, it will certainly help the business to be able to register further growth in the coming future. The company is currently working on developing its cloud-based business management system to allow the companies to save on operational costs and enhance the business’s efficiency.

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