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My Package Tracking allows you easily and quickly track all your GOGO Xpress parcels and view the real-time updates related to it. 

GOGO Xpress Tracking Package- All You Need To Know

GOGO Xpress is amongst the top online payment and logistics company in the Philippines. It was specifically designed for social sellers and buyers for helping them in making the internet a safer place for payments. 

GOGO Xpress not only offer on-time and super-fast delivery but also provides various tools and services for making the online platform more friendly and convenient. They also offer-

  • No COD fees
  • Friendly Delivery fees
  • Rebates when late

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Tracking GOGO Xpress Order

When your order has been shipped through GOGO Xpress Logistics, you can simply track your order by entering your tracking ID on My Package Tracking. You will get your tracking id with your order details. It shows the tracking id along with the expected delivery date of arrival.

Incredible Staff Support Worldwide

The GOGO Xpress Logistics Tracking courier service has a team of smart staff members to ensure that the millions of packages must reach their desired destinations as soon as possible. Their fantastic approach of asking for feedback helps them to increase their performance rate. To meet the customer’s requirements and develop a more innovative approach, GOGO Xpress Logistics regularly gets help from both corporate and field departments. It helps the company to meet customer-focused innovations including GOGO Xpress Fresh, Prime Now, and GOGO Xpress Restaurants.

Why does GOGO Xpress launch its own Logistics?

GOGO Xpress wants to control its parcels with extra care and benefits. So they started their own GOGO Xpress Logistics courier company. They knew that while shipping, some of the parcels get exchanged and delivered to the wrong addresses. To avoid this misleading they started their own company where they can regulate every package and be assured that it reaches the right person.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many days GoGo express delivery?

Nationwide delivery schedules are as follows: 3 days within Metro Manila and 5-7 days for provincial delivery addresses (excluding holidays and natural circumstances beyond one’s control). Items coming from any province to any destination will be covered by the 5-7-day provincial schedule.

What Courier is GoGo Express?

GoGo Xpress (formerly known as Xpost) is a Shopee Supported Logistics that allows the seller to use their own packaging to ship out the items for easier and hassle-free packing and delivery.

Does GoGo Express provide a waybill for Shopee?

Upon the arrival of the Gogo Xpress, a printed waybill (label sticker) with the corresponding order ID will be handed over by the courier to the seller. The seller should carefully match the Shopee Order ID indicated on the Gogo Xpress waybill with the Shopee Order ID written on each packaging.

Who owns GoGo Express?

GoGo Express is owned and operated by QUADX, INC. (“QUADX”, “GoGo Express,” “We,” “Us,” or “Our”).

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