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With My Package Tracking, you can easily check the real-time status of your Indonesia Post Tracking parcels and package. You simply need to enter the Indonesia Post Tracking tracking number to track your shipment.

About Indonesia Post

History records the existence of Pos Indonesia so long, the first post office was established in Batavia (now Jakarta) by the Governor-General Baron van Imhoff GW on August 26, 1746, with the aim of ensuring the safety of residents’ letters further, especially for those who are trading from offices in outside Java, and those who come from and go to the Netherlands. Since then, the postal service has been born to assume the role and function of public services.

Most Indonesia parcels are delivered by UPS couriers. Click here to track your UPS parcels.

Tracking your Pos Indonesia Parcels

When you send any parcel or request a delivery from someone, whether it’s a letter or any package, you will always find a Pos Indonesia tracking number with it. This tracking number can be used to view the current status of your parcel including its time and date of shipment. You can easily track all the information by visiting on the Pos Indonesia tracking website.

Pos Indonesia allows you easily send your mailing or packages within the country as well as outside the country. Nowadays, you can also make a courier request and in return you will be provided with an identification number for the correspondence.

Pos Indonesia International Shipping

The Indonesia Post tracking service provides two types of shipping service- the domestic and the international shipping service.

It provides an easy benefit for sending your package to other countries with the same process as the domestic package. When you send any parcel or tends to receive it from anyone using Pos Indonesia tracking service, you will be provided with an unique identification number within your package. You can use this unique number for tracking your parcel in the real-time like its current status, importation fees, delivery time, etc. The company provides an option to do this alone by yourself by visiting their website or by calling an agent of the call center of Pos Indonesia.

Shipping Charges of Indonesia Posts

The shipping charges of Indonesia posts depends upon the various factors if it is a domestic or international delivery. It also depends on the destination country and its regulation laws.

While using the domestic service the average carrier and transportation fees is 12000 rupees ($1) for documents and letters. It may exceed up to 365000 rupees ($25) depending on several factors. The company does not charge any importation fees as the deliveries are done within the country.

If you make an international delivery service, the charges of Indonesia posts will vary upon some factors like importation policies and tax charges. The average fees for sending a document or letter is 515000 rupees ($40) which may go up to 1270000 rupees ($90) for heavier orders.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I track my Indonesia Post Tracking delivery package?

You can monitor your courier using the website My Package Tracking. Enter Tracking no and press the track speed post button. You’ll receive your tracking result, and should there be a matter, then press view full display for a greater outcome.

How can I track any lost post tracking number?

There isn’t any way to track or trace an Indonesia Post Tracking Speed Post Article without a consignment number in the public domain. Nevertheless, you may go to the addressee’s area Post Office. You may inquire for any articles pending for delivery named on the addressee repeatedly if it isn’t delivered in the stipulated time.

How to track the package without any tracking number?

Unfortunately, there is no way to track your Indonesia Post Tracking delivery package without any tracking number. 

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