Orange Connex Tracking – Track your Package live

You can easily track all the packages delivered by Orange Connex along with the other China parcels. To track your Orange Connex parcels, you need to just enter the tracking number on our tracking tool and you will receive the real-time information of your delivery package.

About Orange Connex

Orange Connex, also known as SpeedPak is one of the leading Chinese logistics companies in China, providing express logistics service for e-commerce. Orange Connex has its branches in 26 provinces and 185 cities in China.

Many Orange Connex packages are delivered with USPS couriers. Click here for tracking your USPS parcels.

Tracking Orange Connex Order

When your order has been shipped through Orange Connex Logistics, you can simply track your order by entering your tracking ID on My Package Tracking. You will get your tracking id with your order details. It shows the tracking id along with the expected delivery date of arrival.

Incredible Staff Support Worldwide

The Orange Connex Logistics Tracking courier service has a team of smart staff members to ensure that the millions of packages must reach their desired destinations as soon as possible. Their fantastic approach of asking for feedback helps them to increase their performance rate. To meet the customer’s requirements and develop a more innovative approach, Orange Connex Logistics regularly gets help from both corporate and field departments. 

Why does Orange Connex launch its own Logistics?

Orange Connex wants to control its parcels with extra care and benefits. So they started their own Orange Connex Logistics courier company. They knew that while shipping, some of the parcels get exchanged and delivered to the wrong addresses. To avoid this misleading they started their own company where they can regulate every package and be assured that it reaches the right person.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is orange shipping?

Orange Shipping & Logistics is a new type of logistic service provider with a focus on doing business in a transparent way. We believe in clear communication based on honest and sustainable business because we care deeply about our clients, suppliers, and profession.

What is OrangeDS tracking?

OrangeDS creates eCommerce shipping solutions to assist, U.S. Domestic and Global Retailers reach new heights cross-borders, is a leading provider of eCommerce Parcels, Business Mail Distribution, Global Fulfillment, Global Ecommerce Import Services and Logistics Solutions.

How long does SpeedPAK shipping take?

The average delivery time for SpeedPAK Standard service is 8-12 business days with a complete and transparent tracking record(halfway tracking information is available for SpeedPAK Economy service). Starts with “EE” or “ES”, followed by 26 digits or letters.

What is SpeedPAK shipping?

SpeedPAK is a new shipping program from OCL that is designed to speed shipments between e-commerce sellers in China and other countries. eBay has added SpeedPAK to their shipping options. Parcels shipped from Chinese retailers to the United States typically takes eight to 12 business days.

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