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Pinduoduo Tracking: All You Need To Know About The E-Commerce Site

Pinduoduo is one of the biggest agricultural E-Commerce giant in China, founded in 2015. With their online platform, they have worked with more than 12 million farmers and helped them to grow their field in the fast-growing digital world. The company has provided immense productivity and efficiency to the whole agricultural market with its supply chain and targeted focus of growing. It’s a techcrunch company dealing in variety of products.

What is Pinduoduo?

Pinduoduo provides a searchable electronic marketplace that connects buyers and sellers of agricultural products. The E-Commerce company uses its cutting-edge technology to unite many farmers into one community while providing buyers with the best products and services at the lowest prices.

Pinduoduo guarantees that farmers who can verify the authenticity of their products will get a 40% share of the purchase price. This way, farmers can enjoy a good income and get their agricultural products sold. Underpinning the company’s growth is the ecosystem-oriented business model, which takes an omni-channel approach to digitize agriculture.

They provide benefits for buying more groceries (duo duo maicai) from the company.

Pinduoduo’s Mission and Vision

The mission of Pinduoduo is to produce a better life and a better future for all families in China and provide a better agricultural value chain. To accomplish their mission, Pinduoduo’s mission is as follows: Helping 1 million families grow their own food.

Pinduoduo’s mission is to promote agriculture by connecting consumers with growers. They help consumers to discover fresh, quality, and affordable food for themselves and their families. They also help growers reduce their costs and improve their yields, making the agricultural industry more efficient, productive, and sustainable.

How does the company work?

Pinduoduo was founded with the vision of improving the farm-to-table supply chain and farm to factory supply chain. By directly connecting farmers with users through the multi-brand purchase system, they increase their efficiency, improve their yields and generate better products for them. This E-Commerce company allows you easily track your packages with an unique Pinduoduo tracking number.

What was the original idea?

Their original vision was to optimize the speed and quality of interaction between Chinese consumers and local producers. Consumers and farmers were often separated by a gap of one or two years. There were also obstacles due to poor communication and the gap in the productivity of farmers. The farmers were disconnected from the large industry and middlemen, and they had to pay through cash or barter goods.

On-demand retailing

Founded in 2013, Yihaodian provides a seamless way to enjoy the convenience of on-demand shopping. The company lets consumers directly order selected items on the platform. By leveraging their robust logistics platform and technology backbone, they provide the convenience of shopping anywhere at any time.

They believe that to understand how to improve farmers’ productivity; it is essential to use technology to empower them and make shopping online seamless. Over 20 years ago, the founder of Yihaodian, Wu Ying, originally envisioned a better shopping experience for rural consumers in China. With the support of industry leaders, he decided to solve this problem.

Product Research and Development

Pinduoduo is dedicated to producing and developing quality products. The proprietary technologies and development tools they have built enable us to carry out systematic research and mass production of agricultural products. They design and research the products, organize and build the supply chain, and provide the finished products to farmers through our e-commerce platform.

Technology Pinduoduo is amongst the largest e-commerce platforms that specializes in the supply of agricultural products. Their technology platform has six main functions. Firstly, they design and research the products with high-quality materials and technical accuracy. Secondly, they organize and build the supply chain.

What products does it sell?

Pinduoduo mainly sells the agricultural products of five major agrarian crops: Wheat, Maize, Sugarcane, Sorghum, and Pumpkins. The company targets the buyers in the farming communities in China through its online platforms. As of today, Pinduoduo’s platform has more than 500,000 products listed from more than 50,000 third-party brands. For farmers to sell their products on Pinduoduo, they must first register as sellers on the platform.

Why did Pinduoduo choose to sell agricultural products?

Pinduoduo’s Founder and CEO Colin Huang explains: “Our customer base is typically Chinese consumers that have a long-term interest in agriculture and understand the importance of crop yield.

Why does it do well with agriculture products?

Although China’s farmland is the world’s largest, farmers have long suffered from a low yield. According to the China Association of Statistics, the total agriculture production area has been shrinking in the past ten years. Less than 20% of the urban residents have ever tasted fresh, locally grown vegetables. But Pinduoduo’s farmers are optimistic because Pinduoduo helps them grow more vegetables and earn more money.

Moreover, the Pinduoduo platform’s 3-tier shipping system offers lower costs and fast delivery than local market delivery services. Currently, more than 80% of Pinduoduo’s farmers have increased their farming output, reducing over 50% of their shipping costs and saving up to 80% of total transportation costs.

Marketing Strategy

Pinduoduo adopted a very aggressive marketing strategy. The E-Commerce giant has leveraged its big market size and data processing capabilities to serve farmers better and help their marketing. Pinduoduo Has A Dedicated Marketing Team The product team created Pinduoduo. To date, their marketing team has been working hard to help our brand create a premium image.

Their team has been willing to go the extra mile to solve problems for our customers. Their team has been tasked to facilitate digital transformation for their buyers and help them make their buying decisions more interactive and real. Data Analysis: Consumer Behavior Pinduoduo has access to information about the user.

Targeted Marketing for Rural Areas

Pinduoduo has implemented integrated marketing strategies in urban and rural areas, providing farmers and agricultural workers with cost-effective and innovative online retailing opportunities and services. In 2018, approximately 60% of our user traffic came from rural areas, which is important for Pinduoduo as the company is committed to connecting the entire agricultural supply chain.

They believe that to have an effective offline-to-online campaign, they need to create a first-hand knowledge of the farming industry through efficient marketing channels. Their in-depth understanding of the distribution network will allow them to identify different producers’ needs better and provide them with appropriate products and services.


While the fundamentals for Pinduoduo are powerful and the company is growing at a fast rate, investors may be prone to overvaluation. However, given the robust growth rate, the lack of competition in the segment, the shallow entry barrier for new investors, the expected management shift in the near future, and the positive outlook for the agricultural market, we recommend accumulating this stock.

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