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My Package Tracking lets you easily track your Toll parcels and get real-time updates regarding their delivery. You have to simply put the tracking ID and our tool will provide all the information about the package.

About Toll Parcels

The Toll logistics company was initially established at New Castle, Australia in 1888. Currently, even after more than 100 years, the company is known for becoming a leading provider of all the logistics operations along the Asia Pacific region. 

They became a part of Japan’s post on 28th May 2015. The company is now expanding its services in the hands of Japan.

Tracking Toll Order

When your order has been shipped through Toll Logistics, you can simply track your order by entering your tracking ID on My Package Tracking. You will get your tracking id with your order details. It shows the tracking id along with the expected delivery date of arrival.

To check your FedEx delivery parcels, click here.

Incredible Staff Support Worldwide

The Toll Logistics Tracking courier service has a team of smart staff members to ensure that the millions of packages must reach their desired destinations as soon as possible. Their fantastic approach of asking for feedback helps them to increase their performance rate. To meet the customer’s requirements and develop a more innovative approach, Toll Logistics regularly gets help from both corporate and field departments. It helps the company to meet customer-focused innovations including TollFresh, Prime Now, and Toll Restaurants.

Why does Toll Launch its own Logistics?

Toll Wants to control its parcels with extra care and benefits. So they started their own Toll Logistics courier company. They knew that while shipping, some of the parcels got exchanged and delivered to the wrong addresses. To avoid this misleading they started their own company where they can regulate every package and be assured that it reaches the right person.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does Toll delivery take?

Toll parcel delivery has several options:

  • There are parcels that can be delivered to Australia the day after drop off
  • For other islands or to New Zealand, it could take 2-3 days.

As for Toll international shipping, it has three different delivery services:

  • Economy: The Economy package can deliver the package within 2-6 days
  • Fast: the Fast service can do it in 1-2 days, depending on the destination
  • Standard: the Standard delivery service, which is one of the lowest costs and goes through the main routes, can take between 8-10 days, so it could be the best option for most customers.

Does Toll Group deliver internationally?

After many years in operation and the partnership with Japan Post, Toll Group is able to deliver to over 30 countries, from countries in Oceania to countries in America, Asia, Africa, and Europe. Most of these countries are located in central areas, where hundreds of logistics companies converge.

Does Toll deliver on Saturdays?

Toll does not generally deliver on Saturdays or weekends unless it is a priority delivery service, on pharmaceuticals or other materials that people may urgently request.

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