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Wish.com was founded ten years ago and it is an online marketplace where third-party sellers post their products online and customers can buy these products from around the world. Wish.com has created a reputation for itself where global goods are cheap and of good quality. Customers can find thousands of different products from their online stores from all over the world.

What is Wish Post?

Wish Post is a shipping delivery service that was created by the company Wish to provide logistic services such as registered professional warehousing for goods, wish line products, and express delivery for wish customers and stakeholders. If you go to the website wish.com, wish post shipping and delivery services can ship to most locations around the world. Go to wish.com and go to the link wish for merchants to know if wish delivery is available through wish post in your area. If Wish Post cannot deliver your wish order, affiliate companies like UPS and DHL can be used for package tracking and order delivery.

How do I track my order from Wish?

Wish offers two types of package tracking. Through wish post, packages in China are fully tracked however, international shipping has limited tracking and these packages cannot be tracked once they leave the country. For the international client, package locating once the package leaves China and gets to the post office of the desired country is not available. Wish does offer services through affiliate shipping companies like DHL and UPS that offer full tracking from wish warehouses in China.

There are three ways to track your parcels from wish post. The first way applies to wish tracking for a customer that lives in China and would like to use wish.com. Go to wish.com, locate your item, and in your order history click “order details” then click “item details” to get information on the estimated time of delivery, order history, and status. The second way to track your order from wish is if you would like package tracking throughout your wish order through affiliate shipping companies like DHL or Yun Express. Go to the DHL website and put your tracking number into the search bar to see the order information of your parcel. If you are an international customer, have multiple parcels, and would like to keep track of them using a third-party tracking website might be just for you. Third-party shipping websites and apps are easy to use for multiple orders. Just type in your wish tracking number into the search form on Parcel App, click on the “Track Package” button, and your order information and post details will be available.

Remember, Wish order numbers and tracking numbers are not the same thing. You can only use wish tracking numbers through wish post, wish.com, and wish mobile apps to track your parcel. To track your wish post package through affiliate shipping companies and third-party tracking websites you can only use tracking numbers.

Is wish tracking accurate?

Tracking is accurate on Wish, however; delays in delivery depend on the store or the seller and have nothing to do with wish.com. If the store or seller is sold out of certain items and they have not indicated that on the website, the delay in receiving the parcel could be because the parcel is not available. This discrepancy could make accurate tracking impossible. Tracking wish is done through tracking numbers with alphanumeric codes of 11 digits that differentiate and track one parcel from another. It does not matter what method of shipping you use, if tracking is done through wish post in affiliation with China post and your package is registered with full shipping, wish.com will track your package accurately to the designated post office even when delivering to an international destination.

What shipping does Wish use?

Wish uses WishPost to deliver packages in China as well as internationally. However, Wishlist uses different types of shipping services depending on your geographical location. There are two types of shipping and these are WishPost registered and WishPost unregistered. The first type of shipping using Wish post registered works in tandem with China Post Registered Airmail to deliver parcels all over the world. This service is registered and can be tracked by the customer internationally. While this service might not be available in some parts of the world, affiliate shipping services like UPS are available. The second type of shipping wish uses is wish post unregistered and they work in tandem with China Post Ordinary Small Packet Offices. They usually take small parcels and offer express delivery but because of this, they can only be tracked in China.

Does wish track orders all around the world?

Wish shipping and tracking are limited and while they do track and ship globally, some customers have to use affiliate services to get their package delivered to their countries. Registered wish post shipments can be tracked globally. If you are buying an item from wish keep in mind your geographical location as well as what international companies are affiliated with Wish and can deliver to your post office.

Wish Post statuses on tracking orders

Different orders might have a different status before, during, and after delivery. Wish post generated status means that the seller is assembling, packaging, or preparing the packages for shipment. It also means that once you have paid, the tracking number was registered with Wish Post. Wish Post arrived at a destination means that wish has finished tracking wish products and the shipment has arrived at the post office and is ready to be delivered to its final destination. Arrived at customs of the designated country means that the parcels have arrived but they are at customs offices to make sure that the packages are safe to enter the country. Departing the airport to the destination means that the parcel has left the airport and is in transit to the destination country. Picked up means someone has collected the shipment or has signed for it at the designated destination.

Is 17track a real tracking company?

17track is a legitimate tracking company and how well the company works seems to depend on your geographic location. How 17track operates is that you forward your tracking information (tracking number or order number) to the website and it is supposed to track your package as well as let you know when that parcel has been delivered. An issue that some users seem to have with the company is that their app only gives them updates when they interact with the site. For example, the shipment is late, and only when contacting the company is the buyer notified that their shipment has already reached its location.

Packages from Asia to North America are really hard to track and might give odd tracking updates on 17track. 17track may also update the information when the site receives information from the carrier which might cause delays. When using services like Cainiao shipping from Vietnam, it might take three to four months to ship and 17track cannot give you a direct location until the shipment has arrived in the desired country.

Wish is a great online retailer with affordable and durable products. If you follow these guidelines on Wish and affiliate tracking, you should have no trouble with your next wish package! Good luck!

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