Flipkart Tracking – Support and delivery time forecast for Flipkart

Flipkart Tracking: How to Track Your Order on Flipkart

Flipkart is one of the leading Indian eCommerce companies, established in 2007 by Sachin Bansal and Binny Bansal. It helps the users in deciding their online shopping product quickly and conveniently. Though Flipkart was founded in India with its headquarters in Bangalore, it also works in Singapore as a private limited company.

Initially, the Flipkart order was limited to an online book store, but later it emerged as selling electronics, garments, footwear, homeware, supermarket products, gym equipment, electronic accessories, etc. Currently, Flipkart is amongst the leading online retail platforms in India with a value of over $30 billion and its delivery partner Ekart.

What is Flipkart

The Flipkart platform is similar to Alibaba, eBay, or Amazon, which allows users to shop from thousands of different products and track their shipments. Their platform is user-friendly, so the shoppers can easily select their favorite item and proceed to checkout through their preferred payment method. With such an ease of method, Flipkart is heading in winning the user experiences. It also lets them to Flipkart order tracking with their unique tracking number.

With Flipkart, the users can compare the prices of different products and then select the one that fits their budget. This cuts of their time of jumping in various platforms and then selecting the products. After placing the order, the users can track their order tracking status with their tracking number.

How to Order on Flipkart

To buy products on Flipkart, you will be required to sign up with an email address, which you will then receive for further access. You will then be provided with a unique id number. The delivery is done across a wide variety of cities in India, including Bengaluru, New Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Pune, Jaipur, Ahmedabad, Surat, Ludhiana, Vijayawada, Baroda, Vadodara, Indore, Mysore, Coimbatore, Indore, Trivandrum, and many more.

The company uses a blockchain, which is a ledger of transactions across multiple computers, to keep track of the order and the products. This reduces the need for mediators, which means you don’t have to pay any extra shipping or customs clearance fees. Through these steps, you can easily order any product on Flipkart logistics courier.

How to Track Your Order on Flipkart

If you want to track Flipkart order after you’ve ordered on Flipkart, then you can do that at Flipkart web through a web tracker form. The app on the smartphone will make an excellent candidate to do that. You can access the app on your smartphone by clicking the link below: Following is how you can track your order on the Flipkart web:

• Go to Flipkart on your smartphone.

• If you do not see the website on your smartphone, then it means that your smartphone is running out of storage and needs some free space for the Flipkart app.

• If you can access the website on your smartphone, you will see the list of all your orders.

• You can then go through the order details and click on one to view it.


Many other e-commerce websites, such as Flipkart, are trying hard to engage customers as well as online shopping users in India. The e-commerce companies are coming up with unique offers for their users. The major reason for their rise in popularity is Flipkart and Amazon, as the two companies offer lucrative deals, discounts, cashback, and other discounts to their users.

The shopping spree online has been going on for years now. One can always expect discounts and coupons offered by these e-commerce websites to entice the customers. However, it’s always important to read the terms of usage before downloading any product.

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