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ckage Tracking lets you easily track your eBay parcels and get real-time updates regarding their delivery. You have to simply put the tracking ID and our tool will provide all the information about the package.

Bay was created in 1995 in California as one of the first e-commerce marketplaces. It is a global e-commerce business that connects customers with distributors globally. eBay was also among the first markets for products that can be sold either through a silent auction so that users can enter the maximum price they are prepared to pay and for which bids will be increased automatically by the site, or through direct purchase.

On eBay, When the seller uploads tracking information, you can follow your package online all the way to your shipping address. If a tracked shipping service is used by your vendor, you will be able to view carrier information as well as the current location of your order. You’ll be able to see the expected delivery date for your package if your item is not sent with tracking.

How to track your eBay order

Over the years, tracking an eBay order has evolved immensely. The system is far more successful than when eBay first debuted, and through the account of the buyer, tracking one’s eBay order is easily accessible. All sellers’ shipments must have tracking, or the metrics of the seller are directly impacted. If you need more help in understanding eBay tracking, then read continue reading.

Where to get your tracking information

In most instances, eBay purchases are delivered via USPS. On the regular eBay site, follow these six steps: 

  • Go to my eBay page. 
  • Navigate to purchase history. 
  • Find the items in question. 
  • Inside the green shaded area, find the tracking number. 
  • Click the tracking number on it. 
  • It will display the complete tracking history.

On the eBay mobile app, follow these other four steps: 

  • Move to purchases. 
  • Click on the items concerned and read the order details. 
  • It will display the basic details of tracking. 
  • To see the full list of every step in the tracking process, click “more tracking details”.

It is your responsibility as a seller and a business to package the eBay package and mail it to the buyer once you sell an item. Incorporating a tracking number on the sent eBay package guarantees both you and the buyer peace of mind—the buyer knows when to expect the package, and when it arrives, you get informed. You can post it to the completed eBay sale for the purchaser to see once you receive your tracking number.

Although the procedure is common decency, eBay sellers are not required to send tracking information to their buyers in addition to order details. 

However, sellers do have to state the number of days it will take them to process an order, and you know in advance what shipping tracking service they will use and the probable number of days shipping will take. Sometimes all you can hope for is a time window in which you expect your order to arrive. 

However, eBay sellers proactively provide tracking information in most cases, which makes it easy to track your order from shipment, through delivery, and right to your door.

How to post tracking numbers on eBay

  1. Access and sign in to your account on the eBay website. 
  2. From the menu on the left side of the screen, click ‘Sold’. 
  3. Click the check box next to the item you are posting with its tracking number. At the bottom of the list of items, click ‘Add Tracking Number.’ 
  4. In the “Tracking” field, enter the tracking number. 
  5. From the ‘Carrier’ drop-down menu, select a carrier. 
  6. Click “Submit.” The buyer is sent an email notifying him that the tracking number is accessible for viewing.

What is UPBE/UPAAB/UPAAC tracking?

The tracking of the packages covered under the eBay Global shipping program is UPBE/UPAAB/UPAAC tracking. When an individual decides on this option, tracking numbers starting with UPBE / UPAAB / UPAAC are allocated to their packages to give them a unique eBay global tracking identification code.

In the eBay track search box, enter the UPAA tracking number and the service will track your order, check all the relevant carriers and display all the current tracking status, including the location of the parcel.

How do I track my order on eBay as a guest?

You should have the order confirmation sent by the company at your email address if you want to monitor the eBay item as a guest. 

  • Check your e-mails for the guest order confirmation email. To make it easier for you, you should look for ‘order confirmed’ in the subject line. 
  • Access the mail and click on the ‘View order details’ button. 
  • Click on ‘Show shipping details’ now. 
  • There you will find all the shipping details required.

Royal Mail International Standard tracking eBay

Royal Mail International Standard from eBay is an international shipping method from an eBay seller to the buyer and can be tracked all the way from the seller’s warehouse to your door.

How long does delivery take?

Depending on how the seller has set up the shipping and handling schedule and the shipping method you chose when checking out, the time period for delivery varies. The handling schedule is, in most cases, the number of days that it takes for the seller to put the item in transit. 

Sellers must ship items within one business day to achieve Top Rated Seller status. While Top Rated is an admirable position, due to certain constraints, many sellers can not promise one-day handling. For instance, if a seller also works and travels for a 9-to-5 job, he may be away from his inventory and unable to ship every day. 

Before purchasing, make sure you pay attention to the handling schedule on a seller’s listing. Some buyers don’t care if it takes a while for an item to be delivered, but if the item is a gift, for a vacation, or for some other reason involving a deadline, time is essential in other cases. If they are going on vacation or have a family emergency or life interruption, some sellers extend their handling time. Instead of putting their store on vacation mode, sellers may increase handling time so they don’t miss sales.

What if the eBay purchase doesn’t arrive?

Mail is misdirected sometimes and delivery is delayed. The first course of action if you don’t receive your item is to check the tracking information. Check and see if the item has been stuck for a few days at a given location. That might be a clue that it was lost. 

Sometimes, when it’s not logical to do so, the mail is misdirected and goes clear across the country or to a faraway state. Misdirected mail will usually make its way back to the correct destination. Patiently be. 

Contact the seller through the eBay messaging system if your product does not arrive in a reasonable amount of time. Always communicate through the eBay messaging system with the seller, because eBay can see all the correspondence and help you work with the seller if there is a discrepancy or problem. Contact your seller and clarify that the item has not arrived and that by now it should have. 

The seller can file a claim with the USPS or any carrier that has been involved. The seller is responsible for refunding your money or finding the package. This is why there is tracking, so packages don’t get lost. Contact eBay customer service and request assistance if the seller does not resolve the situation. eBay is able to force a refund from the Paypal account of the seller and credit you.

About eBay

One of the first marketplace eCommerce platforms, eBay was created in California in 1995. Today, it is a multinational e-commerce marketplace that connects buyers with sellers, with a wide range of products listed ranging from clothing, toys accessories, furniture, shoes, office equipment, and cleaning products to software, electrical devices, televisions, gaming consoles, and celebrity merchandise. 

Tracking eBay Order

When your order has been shipped through eBay Logistics, you can simply track your order by entering your tracking ID on My Package Tracking. You will get your tracking id with your order details. It shows the tracking id along with the expected delivery date of arrival.

Which couriers delivers eBay parcels?

The eBay marketplace does not have their own logistics or courier platform, hence, they use other delivery services or take help from other logistics to parcel their packages. Most of the time the seller informs buyer about the courier services they will be using and the estimated delivery time.

For US Standard Shipping, the most commonly couriers for eBay are-

But if you place an international order, the shipping may include one or more couriers in between depending upon country to country parcels service. The weight and size of the product along with the destination address also plays an important role in selection of the couriers.

What are eBay shipping methods?

As discussed above also, eBay shipping methods depends upon size, weight, and order’s destination. When your orders are shipped from US or UK, the sellers use the Global Shipping Program, or GSP, created by eBay. Under this process, the packages are shipped by Pitney Bowes, an American global technology known for its mailing equipment services. On the other hand, when the order is shipped from China, it is shipped through China Posts.

The packets are shipped using variety of methods including air, rail, road, and sea depending upon its delivery time. The faster mode of shipping like aircraft is usually expensive. Whereas the parcels sent from road or sea generally take longer time than others.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if the eBay Logistics Courier arrives and no one is at home?

There are two scenarios in such a case. If the delivery package does not require any signature, the delivery person will leave the parcel in a safe place like the porch or doorstep.

But, on the other hand, if the parcel requires a signature to approve the delivery, then you will get a message like this “You missed your delivery.” They will try again for two more attempts and on the third attempt, the customer will get a refund.

Can we get delivery on weekdays?

eBay Logistics provides its deliveries on all 7 days, from 8 am to 8 pm. But if the customer specifically wants that his parcel should be delivered on weekends, he can select the option under “Manage Address Book”

What if the status shows delivered but the customer has still not received the package?

eBay Logistics tracking does not get updated in real-time often. So there are chances if the status is shown as delivered, the final delivery can be done after a few hours. Or your package has been delivered to your neighbor, in case you were absent. 

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