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my shipment number is YT2034021266129453, and I can see that it is in transit on Dec 19th from Burnaby with a destination to Winnipeg. I dont know who the carrier is responsible for delivering this package. How can I find who the carrier is so I can track it

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Hi YT2034021266129453 its a Yun express Tracking Number:

The Package is in Transit. Here can you track your Yun Express Package

China: YunExpress
Origin – Cached time: 2020-12-22 19:23:51 (GMT+01:00)
2020-12-19 12:38
BURNABY, item processed

2020-12-18 19:03
VANCOUVER, item was released by customs and is now with canada post for processing

2020-12-10 00:09
CANADA, arriving at the canada airport

2020-12-09 12:09
CHINA, send to canada airport

2020-12-09 11:15
electronic information submitted by shipper

2020-12-07 23:47
SHENZHEN, the package has entered the shenzhen station,receiving finish

2020-12-07 13:26
SHENZHEN, Departed Facility In processing center

2020-12-07 04:54
SHENZHEN, Shipment has been processed in operational center

2020-12-05 23:32
SHENZHEN, Arrived at Sort Facility SHENZHEN

2020-12-05 16:29
Shipment information received

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