Joybuy tracking

Joybuy tracking

JoyBuy has been recognized as an online marketplace behemoth in China. They have established themselves as a trusted e-commerce platform thanks to their high-quality Chinese goods with competitive pricing to their customers.

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JoyBuy online store offers excellent customer service, on-time delivery, and affordable shipping logistics.

Where is JoyBuy located?

Established in 2002, the JoyBuy online store is located in Hong Kong China. Founded by Richard Liu, it is a subsidiary of JoyBuy is one of the largest Chinese online marketplaces and sells everything from electronics to home care products.

Where does JoyBuy ship from?

The JoyBuy online store uses logistics and shipping services as well as partnering with affiliate international carrier companies like DHL. JoyBuy offers shipping services to its domestic and international markets and therefore have warehouses in a plethora of countries and regions worldwide.

JoyBuy offers efficient logistics services through They have invested heavily in artificial intelligence on their websites, drone technology and has also started testing robotic delivery services to give their customers 24/7 delivery services.

How do I track my package from JoyBuy?

Go to the Google search browser, then to the JoyBuy online store. Create an account, find the item you would like to buy, and pay for the item through any payment methods available. After you have purchased an item on the JoyBuy website and would like to view and track your package online, go to ‘My Account’. Under ‘My Account’ you should see ‘My Orders’ and here is where you will find your order details as well as your tracking number. A tracking number is a unique digital fingerprint that helps you track your package from JoyBuy warehouses to its destination. Your package gets a tracking number once it has been sent by the seller to the JoyBuy warehouses. Once it gets its tracking number, it is ready to be shipped to its designated location.

You can get information about your package through your JoyBuy tracking number on their site. You may also go to Google and look for third-party tracking websites especially if you have ordered packages from many different stores. JoyBuy has made sure that you can track your package every step of the way and gives real-time updates on the status of your package.

Does JoyBuy deliver internationally?

Through, JoyBuy operated logistics delivers in over 200 countries and regions worldwide. Delivery of packages may depend on your geographic location because shipping within China will take a shorter time than shipping from China to America. The distance, customs, and other formalities have to be adhered to and this will delay shipping to international locations. Customers outside of China will pay a steeper price for their product because there may be import taxes as well as customs duties attached to the total cost of shipping.

One of JoyBuy’s marketing strategies is for high standards for tracing and accountability to foster trust between the store and the customer. They promise their international customers that all packages will be delivered in a time frame of 60 working days from the date of shipment. If you cannot find your parcel or details on your parcel, go to account my orders on their website. If this does not work you may have to contact JoyBuy customer service personnel to help retrieve details on your parcel. If you do not get your package in the 60-day time frame, JoyBuy’s return policy states that they must give you a refund on your payments.

How do I conduct Shipping Returns on JoyBuy?

JoyBuy has rules in place for returns and refunds on your shipped order. The store gives a customer 30 days to send back most items after the date they received their receipt. Items in the order that are damaged, defective, or not what was indicated on the website may be returned within 30 and 180 days for a full money-back guarantee. JoyBuy has a strict return window rule where the return period is one day after the date of delivery on your order. If you miss the return window because the product was delivered late, contact JoyBuy and see what your options are. JoyBuy also offers a free one year warranty for repairs and maintenance for many of their products. Certain products are non-returnable and for a full list go to their secure website under General Rules for Returns and Refunds Policy.

Contact JoyBuy customer service representatives for more help and information on their return policy or visit the JoyBuy app.

What are JoyBuy customer service policies?

You can contact JoyBuy customer service representatives through the JoyBuy website or their app. If you cannot find answers on topics like payments shipping, brands, payments, and quality assurance concerns contact a JoyBuy agent for help between the hours of 9:00 and 24:00 (GMT +8) daily through their email and they will respond in 24 hours. Their email is and you can also contact them through their social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

JoyBuy is a safe, efficient e-commerce company that partners with affiliate companies within and outside of China. I’d anything goes wrong and it is within their regulations, the JoyBuy marketing strategy is a full money-back guarantee. After all, their customers are their number one priority.


1) Is shipping free?

When you buy an item from the JoyBuy store, they usually have promotions for their customers which sometimes include free shipping. If you buy items exceeding a certain price point then shipping will be free from the JoyBuy store.

2) How do I contact JoyBuy?

You can contact JoyBuy through their email platform or their site which is These are secure platforms and your queries are kept confidential.

3) Is buying from the JoyBuy store safe?

The JoyBuy store wants to be a leading, trustworthy e-commerce platform. In 2020, they ramped up their efforts for quality assurances by spending more money on logistics and customer service support.

4) What payment methods can I use at JoyBuy?

You can pay using debit, credit, or Paypal universally. Google’s other payment options are based on your geographic location.

5) If I cancel the order, does my refund include coupons discounted amount?

The company’s policy is that if you cancel an order, the amount refunded will be based on the amount you paid.

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