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Maximillian Bittner in conjunction with Rocket internet founded Lazada in 2012. Lazada is an e-commerce company that was created to compete with the likes of Amazon in Southeast Asia and is owned by the Alibaba group. Lazada offers a wide range of products by allowing third-party retailers to sell their products through their website.

Where is Lazada based?

Lazada is owned by the Lazada group which is a subsidiary of the Alibaba group. This e-commerce company offers its services to Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, and the Philippines. The Lazada group’s headquarters are located in Downtown Core, Singapore. They have 7 other offices located in Southeast Asia where their retailers and customers can get in touch with them.

Is Lazada safe to use?

While the website itself is safe to use, customers have cited that there are a lot of counterfeit goods and scammers that parade as sellers on the website.

To be safeguarded from scammers via Lazada, here are a couple of tips to follow:

  • One of the most important tips is if the price is too good to be true, it probably is.
  • The second tip is to do some product research so you can tell if it’s a scam or not through product naming.
  • Often, the scammer won’t post different names of products even if the picture has a brand name product on it.

The third tip is that Lazada has a small corner available to customers that give different information on the seller.

If they say it is an “Official store” then the store is legitimate and their products and services are genuine.

Lastly, do not pay the merchant off of the Lazada page. Use the Lazada website and services at all times to retain the option of getting a refund on your parcel.

How do I track Lazada order with the Lazada tracking number?

You can track your Lazada order through their app, website, and affiliate tracking companies.

  1. To track Lazada packages through their app, Log in and then go to “View all Orders”. Select the package that you would like to track.
  2. Then click ” Track Package” on the item that you want the delivery details of.
  3. If you would like to see the estimated time of delivery and status of your Lazada order, go to your “Items details” and click enter on “My Orders”.
  4. To find out when your parcel will be delivered, check the top left corner of the items delivery page.
  5. To track Lazada packages through their website, you’ll need your tracking number. You receive your tracking number through your email when the package is ready to be delivered.

Go to the website and then go to ” My Orders”.

Insert your tracking number and you will be redirected to a page that gives you the delivery tracking details and the status of your package.

Tracking packages through an affiliate shipping company requires you to go to their website. For this service, you will need your tracking number.

For international courier services, it might take longer to get your tracking number through email.

Follow their prompts, put your tracking number into their system to track and find the status of your package.

What is Lazada elogistics LeL?

Lazada eLogistics abbreviated LeL, is the e-commerce Lazada group logistics arm. This logistics company offers tracking services and ships parcels to Southeast Asian destinations. Lazada eLogistics has an operating model that is based on partnerships with international shipping companies.

They incorporate state of the art technology and infrastructure for express parcel delivery and tracking services.

The Lazada eLogistics LeL has four business structures:

  • The first Lazada logistics structure is Lazada express (LEX) and it is a business to customer model that delivers parcels to customers on the last leg of the parcel’s journey.
  • The second Lazada eLogistics structure is transport oriented. They transport parcels from the Lazada warehouses to the doorstep of the customer.
  • The third Lazada eLogistics structure is that of fulfillment. Where they are in full contact with the retail business and their warehouses.

They can fill courier orders and provide fulfillment services to merchants and international brands.

The fourth Lazada eLogistics structure is cross border delivery. Where LeL delivers parcels easily and securely to countries across Southeast Asia.

How long does delivery take?

Delivery depends on the shipping company used, the type of delivery service the customer picks as well as the location of the customer.

You’ll find on average, shipping takes 3-5 working days if the customer has bought an order from a local seller.

If you have ordered from an overseas seller, cross-boarder shipment delivery can take between 5-20 working days.

Delivery times for parcels purchased can be found on the product page of the order. Standard delivery shipping is available and takes between 8-17 working days. This will give you an estimated time of delivery for your parcels.

Does Lazada offer free shipping?

Lazada offers free shipping for nationwide order shipments for their customers. One other service they offer is free shipment vouchers made available to customers to use when checking out via the merchant’s store. These vouchers are loaded and refreshed every 24 hours and can be collected at any time as long as the quota is still available.

To get your courier to deliver your parcel for free, go to the Lazada website and first find their free shipment tab to collect the voucher.


1) Where in Asia does Lazada deliver?

Lazada delivers to Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, and the Philippines.

2) what methods can I use to pay for my package?

You can use universal payment methods like debit, credit, and Pay Pal.

About Lazda Couriers

Launched in 2012, Lazada is the number-one online shopping and selling destination in Southeast Asia – present in Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam. 

Their delivery service is fantastic and they aim to deliver the parcels in the fastest possible time. The delivery time often varies from 1-3 working days. The company operated the parcels seven days a week from 9 am to 6 pm.

DHL is amongst the leading courier services in the world which also ships Lazda packages. Click here to track your DHL packages.

What is Lazada Global Shipping (LGS)?

Lazada Global Shipping, also known as LGS is one of the unique shipping techniques for crossborder sellers. It allows the customers to view all the listings automatically on their platform. The two necessary factors while buying or selling the products are- cross border trade and international shipping.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How late can lazada deliver?

Orders created between 12:01 AM to 10:59 AM will be delivered on the same day. Orders created between 11:00 AM to 11:59 pm will be delivered the next day.

Does lazada deliver Sunday?

Lazada delivery options are available during weekends, on Saturdays but not on Sundays. 

Will lazada call before delivery?

Couriers may contact you when they are on their way to deliver to your shipping address. To know when you should expect a call, please turn on your Orders and Logistics notifications in the Lazada App so you will be notified when your order is out for delivery.

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