DHL delivery time – When does DHL deliver my package?

DHL delivery time

Dalsey Hilldolm Lynn (DHL) was founded in 1969 and is a German logistics firm that also works with Deutsche Post. The company is an international package delivery service that also offers DHL express delivery services to domestic and international clients. It delivers over 1.5 billion parcels a year and that number has increased due to the coronavirus pandemic.

How long does DHL take to deliver?

When a client orders a package from an e-commerce marketplace, the first step is for the seller to send the parcel to the company’s warehouse. DHL is an international delivery business that will deliver shipments from Monday to Saturday and they use a logistics system called transit time. Transit time is the amount of time it takes for a package to leave the DHL warehouse and arrive at a business or residential home. Transit time has a couple of steps and the first step occurs when the DHL parcel is sent to their global warehouses which can take between 1-3 business days.


The second step is different based on domestic and international customers. For domestic customers with shipping in one country, shipping from the warehouse to the customer takes anywhere between 1-4 business days.

For the international customers, shipping from the warehouse to the new country, to the post office or new warehouse to the resident’s house could take anywhere between 4-20 business days. This also depends on the delivery service you pay for because DHL express is much faster than regular DHL delivery. If you have ordered multiple items from an ecommerce platform and you choose to consolidate your shipment then DHL delivery will take longer because they have to wait for all the packages to send them as one shipment.

DHL ecommerce platform

Keep in mind that these are estimates from the DHL ecommerce platform where shipment and tracking can vary depending on factors such as weather, customs delays, geographical location in the world, the kind of DHL parcel being sent (documents or a package), and the type of package you have ordered from DHL delivers. On average, DHL delivers 4-6 days after they have received the item however it can take time to get your items, especially with international DHL shipping. Before shipping a package, go to the DHL website and use their calculator to find out what packaging plan is right for you.

Does DHL give a time slot for delivery?

Time slots for delivery occur when DHL offers its customers the opportunity to choose when they would like their parcel delivered. Yes, DHL and DHL express do give a time slot for delivery but this is a recent development and the service is only offered in Germany. Internationally, delivery features for client packages entail a 1-hour time slot notification where cookies are used to update the client that their package is going to arrive. Then 10 minutes before arrival, a ‘you’re next’ notification is given before the package is delivered to your home. Also, DHL delivers a service where you can check and track your package live through online map tracking on the DHL website where you can track your driver’s route and progress. In Germany, the domestic DHL courier offers online shoppers the ability to time slot a preferred time for any shipment. DHL Germany offers a time slot of between 6 am and 9 pm and recently, DHL has given options of having a three-hour time slot for their clients in Germany where they can pick when they receive their parcel. This time slot option will be extended to international locations gradually if the option is popular in Germany.

Time slotting is a recent development in courier logistics where they use cookies to manage the receipt of shipments and to respect the new lifestyle habits of their customers.

Does DHL deliver door to door?

Yes, DHL does offer door to door delivery services but it depends on geographic logistics. DHL Express delivers shipments to commercial locations, businesses as well as residential homes. Limited hours of operations and delivery times means that DHL offers multiple delivery services in order to successfully drop off packages. One security feature of DHL, DHL Express, and DHL International is that they will not leave a parcel without getting a signature from the client.

DHL offers two signatory options to the client. The signatory preferred means that with express delivery if the owner of the item is not available, there is a second person that can sign for the item. Signatory required means that the person who bought the item has to be there to sign for the item on the day of delivery. These options give clients more control over how their packages are verified and allow for more flexible services on a domestic and international level.

DHL express delivery services

Getting your package faster has never been easier through DHL services. With both domestic and international markets DHL express delivery makes sure you get your parcels as fast as possible and with minimum stress. Usually, DHL express offers a variety of express shipping services with special rates for express International shipping.

On the DHL website; data, artificial intelligence, and specialized logistics services create an online networking platform where care representatives and clients can track the progress of delivery through online mapping technology. Artificial intelligence services may require cookies are used for possible data manipulation. If the use of cookies is a privacy concern for express delivery please contact DHL customer care representatives online or by calling them for more help.

International shipping DHL

DHL Express is one of the fastest international delivery services available and they provide delivery times of 1 to 6 business days for both local and international destinations. For international shipping, DHL express delivery services depend on where you are shipping from and the final destination of shipping. For example, shipping from California to Florida will take a shorter time as opposed to shipping from the United States to Asia.

Usually, if you are using DHL ecommerce to ship a parcel overseas local customs services will randomly flag a parcel and this might cause delays in shipping. If possible, make sure to clearly fill out the proper customs declaration form and detail the contents of your package as well as the value of the items to help the process run smoothly. These documents are offered through DHL courier services.

If you lose your parcel, go to the DHL website for information on how to retrieve the parcel and what went wrong. Remember that all parcels have a tracking number that can help you locate and retrieve your domestic and international shipping. If you would like to talk to a customer care representative for more information on DHL delivery, contact their divisional locations for more help.

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