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SpeedPAK tracking – how to track a package successfully

Information on SpeedPak Tracking, Delivery Time and common problems.

Video: how to track my SpeedPAK a package successfully

Online shopping is trending, comfortable and nobody needs to leave the house. But depending on where items were bought a tracking service might be of interest. It will give you a perfect overview of where your package is at this exact moment. One of those tracking services is SpeedPAK tracking. What is this exactly and how is the SpeedPAK delivery time?

SpeedPAK tracking – how does it work?

Basically, for the SpeedPAK tracking, only the SpeedPAK tracking number is necessary. This one starts either with “EE” (Economy Service) or ”ES” (Standard Service) followed by 26 other letters or digits. By entering the tracking number in the given panel, you receive the actual tracking status.

The different statuses that may appear on the search for your package are:

  • Import Custom Service Completed
  • Departed warehouse
  • Arrived at WNS Warehouse
  • Destination port arrival
  • Port Departure
  • First Port Departure
  • Export Custom Declaration Completed
  • Handover manifest Send
  • Waiting for International Transport
  • RDC Departure
  • ASH Departure
  • Pickup Task completed
  • Order Received
  • Post Receiving Scan (A-Scan)

For an easy tracking process, the App for Android and iOS named “My Package Tacking” is provided.

Use the SpeedPAK tracking map

To get the perfect overview of where the package might be, you can use also the SpeedPAK tracking online map. After entering the tracking number, a pin will give you the exact location of your parcel. This might also help in estimating the SpeedPAK delivery time-

From SpeedPAK tracking to SpeedPAK delivery time

The time frame between the order and the delivery of a package might vary, depending on the country and continent they go to. Within a country, the SpeedPAK delivery time of a package takes 2 to 3 working days but if shipping is involved it takes a few days more. The same will be with a package delivered by SpeedPAK.

How long takes the SpeedPAK delivery time and what time do packages arrive?

The goal is to guarantee a short SpeedPAK delivery time in comparison to other shipping and delivery companies and services. The official promise of SpeedPAK is a delivery time of 8 to 12 days. Statistics show that the SpeedPAK delivery time to the US takes about 13 days, to Germany 15 and the UK 10 days. About what time the package may be delivered to the provided address cannot be said for sure. It depends on the local post offices and the given circumstances. In most cases, packages are delivered until 5.00 p.m. from Monday to Saturday.

Where can you drop SpeedPAK packages?

If you want to return your package and the seller is providing the necessary mailing expenses you can ask for the preferred transport service. If the buyer needs to take care of the mailing expenses any transport service can be chosen.

SpeedPAK tracking experiences – what do other users say?

With every delivery system, there are a few cons and pros. In the case of SpeedPAK and its tracking, there are also different voices. Some inform about a successful delivery and an adequate SpeedPAK delivery time whereas others are still searching for their package. There is much feedback that packages didn’t arrive although the company claimed that it was delivered and some packages where delivered at different addresses, although the correct one was given with the order.

Q & A – Short questions, short answers

Is SpeedPAK tracking in the USA possible?

The SpeedPAK Live Tracking for packages are delivered by USPS in the USA. Though a USPS tracking number is not directly provided by SpeedPAK and all the information you only get from SpeedPAK itself, when the package arrives in the USA, USPS is providing the package with a USPS tracking number.

How does SpeedPAK tracking in China work?

SpeedPAK tracking in China is allowed by a universal package tracker. This service is possible within China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan and makes the SpeedPAK tracking of Economy, Standard, and Expedited parcels possible.

Why is my SpeedPAK tracking not updating?

In most cases, the SpeedPAK tracking works until the package arrives at its destination country. Then it will be processed by the local postal services, like USPS in the US, Royal Mail in the UK, Canada Post, and Canada.

SpeedPAK tracking to USPS – how does it work?

If a package is ordered in China the SpeedPAK tracking will work until the parcel arrives in the US. Then it will be processed by USPS which provides the package with a USPS tracking number that can be tracked then over the USPS tracking service.

What is the name of the SpeedPAK tracking app and how can I download it?

To keep track of your packages you can use the service of SpeedPAK tracking provided by the app “My Package Tracking App”. This one is available for IOS and Android and can be downloaded on Google Play or on Apple Store.

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