We offer you a powerful tool to track packages of all couriers worldwide. All you need to do is type in your tracking number on the couriers page. Below you will find a list of all couriers supported by my-package-tracking.com

If you have problems tracking your package with the tracking number, check out our Problems & Solutions Page regarding tracking number issues.

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How does package tracking work?

For tracking a package you sent or a package which has been sent to you, all you need is a tracking number. The tracking number consists of a combination of 10 to 39 numbers and letters, and can be seen on the package labels, among other things. These combinations can be used to track shipments via the individual intermediate stations to their destinations.
Tracking works because a package is tracked at all major important stations the package goes through, until it arrives at the right location.

How long does it take for my package to arrive?

Parcels and small packages sent nationally will usually arrive one day after they are sent. International deliveries take a little longer, the times vary according to the destination countries. However, express shipments reach their recipients worldwide within 48 hours, even at weekends. So that customers are always informed about the current shipping status, they can track their parcels, packages or express shipments using the corresponding shipment numbers.

All shipments can be tracked back to the recipient using the shipment numbers. The fact that a parcel or package does not reach its destination is one of the rare exceptions. In this case, we recommend the investigation request with the courier itself. Even if the tracking number of your shipment can no longer be found or is invalid, all couriers will try their best to retrieve the missing shipment.

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