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First registered in Hong Kong, VOVA is an online e-commerce company that specializes in affordable goods worldwide.

Through their website, they offer customers a safe and easy shopping experience. This company aims to connect its customers with stores all around the world.

Where is VOVA located?

VOVA and VOVA Logistics were founded in 2018. The online store has prioritized providing high-quality products at the cheapest price.

For customers in China, their offices have a number of locations in Hong Kong. For international customers, their headquarters are on 207 Regent Street, London.

How do I track my VOVA order?

If you want to track your VOVA order always go to the My Account section. Login first, go to My Account and select the My Order option. On the My Order page, you will find your order details and the tracking number of your packages. Your tracking number is a unique biometric fingerprint for your package.

With a VOVA order, the order number and the tracking number are two different things. The order number shows proof of purchase for a number of items bought at the same time. Tracking VOVA has been made easy because each package in the order will have a tracking number with an estimated delivery date. A tracking number helps with tracking packages from the warehouse to the final destination.

To track your VOVA order, you can use your tracking number on third-party tracking websites like Parcel App. This website uses your tracking number and order history to track packages from multiple carriers. Using their track VOVA services, you can see the status of your parcel as well as an estimated delivery date.

What are VOVA logistics and VOVA logistics tracking?

VOVA uses VOVA logistics services that track and offer delivery services to their consumers. In China, VOVA logistics works in tandem with China Post to deliver packages to your doorstep.

Internationally, the carriers use VOVA logistics with a number of affiliate shipping companies like DHL. All clients can track their package status through VOVA logistics tracking on the VOVA website.

Through VOVA logistics, they offer a Standard Shipping service. The company offers this service free of charge to China and international destinations. This means that VOVA offers this service at no cost to all its customers.

Through VOVA logistics, VOVA also offers VOVA Post Express shipping. This service is not free but delivery in China and international destinations is much faster. VOVA offers a number of promotions and coupons that give significant discounts to all their customers.

VOVA logistics also partners with affiliate companies like Yanwen Logistics and China Post to deliver packages in China. They also partner with international affiliate companies like DHL and FedEx which offer much faster delivery services to their international customers.

VOVA realized that they needed to diversify and streamline their services to maintain their global status. VOVA logistics offers shipping services to more than 200 countries and regions worldwide. The company also offers customer care services in 20 languages and operates in 35 currencies.

How long do I have to wait for shipping?

VOVA Logistics offers VOVA Standard Shipping service as well as VOVA Express Shipping service.

VOVA Standard Shipping service will take between 15-53 business days to deliver your packages. VOVA Express Shipping service will take 5-32 business days to deliver your packages. In China, VOVA logistics tracking usually delivers packages within 3-5 days. Shipping times depend on the individual store and destination.

Overseas shipping usually takes a long time because of custom services and overseas standards the package needs to adhere to. These legal measures can slow down the delivery and can make the parcel arrive later than the estimated delivery date. More information is available on the VOVA website.

Does VOVA ship to the US?

Yes, VOVA does ship to the United States through VOVA logistics tracking. For faster shipping to the United States, use DHL or FedEx courier services for delivery.

While affiliate courier services might be more expensive, your package will take a shorter time to reach you. DHL delivers packages from VOVA in a five-day time frame while VOVA Standard Shipping has a time frame of 15-53 days.

Does VOVA ship internationally?

Yes, VOVA logistics does ship parcels overseas. VOVA Standard Shipping is free for all their customers. They also offer tracking using VOVA logistics tracking on their website vova.com.

There are some cases where the store does not ship overseas. On rare occasions, customs, and import conditions will not allow VOVA to ship to your location. Other requirements might have to be met for shipments to be delivered to a certain location.

Is VOVA safe to use?

Yes, but when parcels are lost the shopping company has problems with giving customers their money back. One other problem customers have complaints about is that what they have received does not match what was on the online site. This information is important to know if you would like to buy a product from them. For more information on refunds and lost parcels contact their customer care representatives through service@vova.com.

These kinds of problems exist with all online stores. Seeing as there is cutthroat competition on all e-commerce platforms, these issues will be addressed as the company keeps growing.

How do I contact VOVA?

If you need to contact these couriers, use their email service@vova.com. They do not have a customer care number where they can be reached in any country.

There are other avenues to the find information you need from the couriers. One way to gather information is through support pages online and FAQ questions. Another way if you would want to contact them is by using social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. On these platforms, you can see products and get more details on their services.

VOVA is poised to dominate the e-commerce marketplace. Their select dedication to high-quality products and their need to deliver timely shipping is giving them a great reputation. They know how to bring their customers the best deals and discounts without compromising on quality. Try VOVA online for an easy and fun shopping experience.


Why did it take several days for my package status to update?

On VOVA logistics tracking, sometimes it takes several days for the status to update when it has reached a new country.

Does VOVA ship on weekends?

No, they do not ship on weekends but affiliate courier companies like FedEx do. Pick this option to get weekend delivery!

My tracking number doesn’t work. What do I do?

If your tracking number doesn’t work contact your local post office. If they do not have the package, contact them on service@vova.com or apply for a refund.

Is it safe to buy products from the online retailer?

Yes, but they sometimes do not refund customers who claim their package has been lost. Sometimes items do not look as they were described on the website.

Does VOVA offer no cost shipping?

Yes, through VOVA Standard Shipping, all customers receive shipping at no cost on all their orders. They also offer coupons and discounts for express delivery.

Does VOVA offer ship to store?

No, they do not currently offer ship to store options.

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