JD Tracking – Support and delivery time forecast for JD Logistics

All You Need To Know About JD Order Tracking

JD Express belongs to the delivery department of the JD Group. The company provides supply chain solutions, express, freight, cold chain, cross-border logistics, customer services, and other logistics technology products.

It also has its unique JD Sports Order Tracking System through which users can track their packages and couriers with its tracking number. JD has the largest logistics infrastructure in the e-commerce field in China, with integrated logistics facilities for small and medium-sized pieces, large pieces, and refrigerated storage.

JD’s History

JD was founded in 1998 in Shenzhen and was initially operated as an online shopping platform called 1000 Exchange. During the first four years of its existence, JD.com served as a platform for sharing books and selling CDs. Later, in 2003, JD Sports launched a pure B2C model. By the end of 2008, JD had expanded its product range to more than ten categories, serving its 15 million regular customers. JD’sJD’s first annual sales volume exceeded USD 40 million.

JD List

JD List is the subsidiary of JD that specializes in D2C advertising services, such as market research, remarketing, brand promotions, and digital marketing for online shoppers. JD.com has partnerships with Google, Facebook, Apple, WhatsApp, and Twitter.

JD Express Overview

JD has a team of people in every city. When you are buying from a new shop, they try to help you out. Because of this, the deliveries of the products are fast, so that customers can be satisfied with the final couriers. There are two types of delivery services in China. One is the Same-Day delivery which is much faster than the 2-day delivery, in which you have to pay more. The second one is Fast Delivery which is much more expensive but faster. In July 2017, the instant delivery service for the e-commerce industry was 86%, which is much more than the two-day delivery. The two-day delivery is about 47% for the Chinese e-commerce industry.

JD Logistics in a Nutshell

JD is at the forefront of China’s exploding e-commerce industry, offering business-to-business (B2B) solutions, B2C solutions, and is the country’s leading private e-commerce company. It has fast emerged as China’s logistics titan, with a logistics capacity of $26 billion (USD) in revenues. In 2014, JD recorded revenue of 3.5 billion yuan (USD 532.1 million), which increased tenfold to 33 billion yuan (USD 5.26 billion) last year. JD’s gross merchandise volume (GMV) exceeded $202 billion (USD 29.5 billion) for the first time last month, with gross merchandise volume being the measure by which JD tracks the success of its clients.

What Does JD Do?

JD runs its own fulfillment services with its own logistics network to fulfill orders for all major merchants of its group, including Alibaba and its group companies. It runs its unique platform known as JD Sports, which also helps in JD Sports order tracking. In addition, JD.com also partners with logistics and technology services providers to provide more comprehensive logistics solutions, such as integrated warehousing, distribution, and fulfillment network services. JD also launched its own store for grocery delivery. JD launched its own store of Fresh Store, a home grocery shopping service that provides delivery and subscription services. JD Fresh (JD’s grocery delivery service) is available in 100 cities in China. JD’s convenience store products are now available at more than 20,000 supermarkets, convenience stores, hypermarkets, and department stores across China.

How Can You Use JD Sports Order Tracking?

JD Tracking and JD Express are both one-stop shops for logistics information and services, such as a small-item customer tracking service, express delivery service, and cold-chain service. It is also possible to order online products and have them delivered to any e-commerce site, such as Taobao and Tmall. It provides free shipping and free storage for buyers, including 1-2 days free shipping and 1-2 days free storage for delivery services. Following the success of JD.com in China, JD Canada has emerged as one of the most significant players in the Canadian market. It is currently the third-largest e-commerce company in Canada and the largest online retailer concerning online sales in Canada. JD Express Ltd. and JD Logistics Limited are both wholly owned by JD. You can also track JD by entering the JD sports tracking number of your order on My Package Tracking.

JD International Package Shipping

Today, JD is shipping their courier to the United States along with many other different countries. The shipment of parcels to other countries like Hong Kong began in 2018 when the company started to expand its services in the United States and Europe also.

How do I contact JD?

Jd’s customer care has support that serves its customers daily from 9:00 to 24:00 (GMT+8). Besides, customer support can also attend to customer inquiries by email address, which are usually answered in less than 24 hours.

You can also contact them via phone number.


This JD logistics transaction is the most likely to succeed since it is based upon both the efficiency of the platforms and the quality of the asset class, and the vast number of inventory and advanced technologies. This deal will allow these two e-commerce giants to be much more competitive against their main competitor, Alibaba. If JD manages to do well, it will directly impact the industry by giving it an unfair advantage over Alibaba.

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