Trendyol Tracking with Support and delivery time

Trendyol Tracking: A New Way of Keeping Track of Your Orders

Trendyol Express makes customer satisfaction its priority and focuses on e-commerce and third party solutions by offering the highest quality delivery experience with its trained personnel.

Trendyol Express, which started to serve with its experienced staff in 2018, brings together the power of technology with expert field teams.

Their goal is to ensure that all our customers they come into contact with trust the e-commerce category. They do not compromise on transparency in order to maximize customer satisfaction. They are expanding our service to strengthen their distribution network.

About Trendyol Express

Trendyol Express is a fast-growing e-commerce company with 11 branches in Turkey. It was founded in 2009 as a stock-jobbing service to cater to a busy lifestyle and to make fast delivery a reality. The company focuses on the fast delivery of high-quality products with a professional team.

The Trendyol Express Promises

We all know the feeling of having a product that has been packed in the wrong size or shape.

The lack of professionalism and attention to detail has a major impact on a customer’s purchasing experience. Trendyol Express has an opportunity to become the biggest e-commerce delivery brand.

Their value system is to follow an open door policy. The customer is the most important person in their business. They value your feedback and will gladly consider it in the order of developing our services.

First-class customer service –They have one of the most experienced customer service departments in the industry. They strive to deliver exceptional customer service and make our customers happy at every turn.

According to flexible logistics network they are focusing on establishing a reliable and robust logistics network.

What is Trendyol Tracking & its Tracking Mechanism?

Users can use Trendyol Event Tracking to get notified at any moment their customer service team is at the customer’s location.

This means that they do not have to wait for delivery and can be sure that the product will be delivered on time and at the right address.

Users can simply use their mobile phones to sign up for the service, and they will receive notifications for all deliveries.

How does Tracking System work?

All customers have to do is input their phone number and the type of product they want to track, and the carrier responds right away, informing them of the pickup and delivery process.

Trendyol Tracking provides accurate tracking for its customers with its app also.

Why is Trendyol Tracking different?

Trendyol uses the unique tracker architecture to track the entire process, from order to delivery. It takes all the necessary steps to ensure that all the items will be in the customer’s hands the moment they get to the pickup point.

The customer receives a notification when their order is ready. The company uses the third party solution to choose carefully the carriers that will deliver the products.

They are committed to delivering impeccable quality and excellent customer service.

Why do you need a new way of tracking your orders?

Ticketing, delivery, tracking & customer service for customers on both the physical and virtual platforms of e-commerce platforms requires multiple tools in order to improve the customer experience.

The distribution logistics and the service’s handling of the distribution center require high performance. Then, there is the risk of customer’s orders that are not carried to customers in good condition.

All these factors contribute to a reduction in overall customer satisfaction.


The volatile global political and economic situation is increasing customer demand for highly personalized services that ensure the delivery of products and services without any delays.

This is why retailers and delivery companies have turned to e-commerce as an effective channel. If you want to see more from Trendyol Express, check out their portfolio of services in China.

Shop smart and help your customers save time.

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