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Etsy is an American e-commerce platform that focuses on handmade or vintage products. Etsy connects sellers to consumers at a fee of $ 0.20 per item.

One of Etsy’s unique features is that it does not use warehouses. The seller will see that everything is made, collected, and sold to the consumer. Etsy just acts as the middle man providing a platform and information on the order.

Where is Etsy located?

Etsy was founded on July 18th, 2005, and has four founders. Etsy’s headquarters are in Brooklyn, New York.

How do you track your Etsy package?

You can see the shipping status and tracking information through the website or Etsy app.

If you do not have an Etsy account, create one. Track your order by going to the My Account icon and then click Purchases and Reviews. Go to Find My Order on the Etsy website and then click on your order. After you click on your order you will see your order and tracking details.

A tracking number is given to track the package before it has left the shipping facility. A tracking number lets you know when the package has left the seller. If the seller hasn’t shipped, Etsy will not issue a tracking number. Make sure the seller added a tracking credential before delivery.

Etsy website will contact you through an email notification on the status of your shipment.

How long does it take Etsy to ship?

Since Etsy does not use warehouses, the carrier service you use will track your Etsy order. The status of your order depends on the seller, location as well the shipping service that was used.

On average, shipping in the United States takes about two days. Shipping to a different country takes an average of 10 days. You can track your order through the website.

Track your order and if this is not possible and you cannot find tracking information or shipping status, contact the seller.

Does Etsy offer international shipping?

Etsy is not part of a shipping logistics chain and therefore does not offer international shipping services. They are limited in logistics tracking and cannot track your order. Make sure the seller added a tracking number before your order is shipped for tracking information and tracking updates.

Ask the seller to see if they offer or would be willing to make exceptions especially if you plan on buying many items.

Alternatively, you could have your order on Etsy shipped to a post office near the seller and then get the package shipped from there using services like DHL or FedEx. Remember, affiliate carrier services will issue a tracking number before the order on Etsy is shipped.

How does Etsy’s return policy work?

Getting a refund on your Etsy account from the seller can be very tricky. Each seller is responsible for their policies in regards to refunds, exchanges, and returns.

Sellers are not required to accept returns or exchanges unless stated in their shop policies. Etsy acts as a middle man and cannot force a seller to issue a refund.

Before buying a product from Etsy, make sure you review their View Shop Return Policy to see if the seller does issue refunds.

How much does it cost to ship on Etsy?

Shipping on Etsy depends on the location, weight of the package as well as the carrier service you have chosen. The cost of your package should be included with your tracking information on your Etsy account. Always make sure the seller has added a tracking number to know the status of your order.

To find your order and the cost of delivery, go to the product page and click on Shipping and Policies. Then go to the drop-down menu on Shipping To and select your country.

The only way to get all the tracking information including the cost of delivery is to contact the seller.

How do I contact Etsy?

For inquiries or complaints, Etsy does not have a phone number they can be reached on. Their customer service representatives can be reached through the email You can also use feedback related articles on Etsy from the Google search browser.

Alternatively, if the problem is with the item you ordered like it got lost being shipped in transit, contact the seller. If this does not work, request a refund.


Can I track my Etsy order Live?

Yes, you can track your Etsy order through their website. Use your tracking information and follow the steps above to track package.

What do I do if I don’t have tracking information or a tracking number?

If the seller has not shipped the order yet, you will not be issued a tracking number.

How long do Etsy orders take to arrive?

They take 2 days in the US after the package has left the shipping facility and 10 days for international shipping.

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