Ozon Tracking – Support and delivery time forecast for Ozon

Ozon Tracking: Shipping Information and Tracking Alerts

Ozon has established itself as the first leading online ecommerce retail market in Russia. Started in 1998, Ozon has grown its business over the years and emerged as the leading delivery services of products from various niches and categories.

The company provides more than 2 million SKUs across 24 different types. The service of Ozon is so popular that it records more than 2 million visitors every day on its website. There is no doubt in calling Ozon as the “Amazon of Russia.” This is due to their mind-blowing offers and excellent customer services in the 21st century.

How to Track Your Order

If you want to track your Ozon order, you can sign up for a free Ozon account on their platform or visit the nearby post office. You should have your unique Ozon tracking number to proceed further.

Then, click on the “Account” drop-down menu, and then click the Merchant Link field. Then, select the Shop Page on your Ozon cart. This will open up the cart page. Click on Order Tracking and then the Sign In button.

You will be redirected to the Cart Dashboard page. Enter your log-in credentials when prompted, or you can use your mobile number if you prefer. This will bring you to a page that displays all the order details.

Shipping Information

Ozon specializes in shipping to most countries around the world. During this time, they ship to 8 different countries: Brazil, Canada, Cyprus, Estonia, Italy, Germany, Ireland, Israel, Malaysia, and Singapore.

Many of their orders ship within three days. Some of the countries that ship to Ozon take five days or more. The most recent available report states that a number of customers are waiting for products to be shipped to Italy. This is attributed to a limited number of delivery slots left for more oversized items.

It is a minor issue and should not have an impact on overall customer satisfaction. This company is widely regarded as one of Russia’s safest and most convenient ways to buy furniture online. There are three main delivery options Ozon offers.

Tracking Alerts

When you place an order with Ozon, you are provided with the following information:

Shipping Date: The estimated delivery date on your order after placing your order.

Order ID: A unique ID (string) assigned to every Ozon order and used to identify it. The order ID is then used to track your order, and if any of your items are not delivered, to get an alert about the problem. The order ID can be found on the confirmation page—the estimated delivery date on your order after placing your order.

Order Total: The total amount you have paid for your order. Ozon can also send you email alerts to inform you about your order’s status and provide you with tracking details. If an item is not yet shipped, you will be notified within the next five days.

Contacting Ozon

You can contact Ozon on their website. The company can be reached via email at baz@ozon.ru. The company’s customer service line is available at 8881 301 201.


Over the past 20 years, Ozon has remained a strong presence in the Russian e-commerce sphere. It has experienced slow growth, with the occasional leaps forward (that haven’t always been positive).

However, the sales rise of 2018 is one that many can appreciate as it has been more exciting than any other year since Ozon first began trading. Furthermore, given the rising interest in smart IoT technology, Ozon’s surge in sales can be linked back to its focus on this market, as well as its collaborative projects.

In short, Ozon has benefited from an online retail landscape that is transitioning toward an age that is more focused on offering a hybrid of both online and offline retail.

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