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Amazon’s Delivery service is here to complement existing shipping providers such as FedEx, USPS, UPS, etc. Amazon offers different delivery options, including 7-day or same-day delivery facilities. Moreover, the Amazon Delivery program also utilizes various 3rd party logistic partners across the regions. This practice helped Amazon Delivery services to ensure smooth and efficient delivery operations.

Here we will learn everything about Amazon Delivery and how you can track your packages.

So, here we go:

What are delivery guarantees on Amazon?

Amazon offers guaranteed delivery on select products and various delivery speeds. If an order has a delivery guarantee, customers can see this on the checkout page. At the checkout, you can also know your package’s delivery cost and date.

Important information:

  • If a client has gotten a guaranteed delivery date, but the delivery attempt hasn’t been made up to the date. Amazon delivery will refund your order’s shipping fee.
  • You must place your order within the available countdown timer. This is necessary to get your order delivered by the date shown.
  • Because of any change in delivery capacity or inventory before placing an order may make a delivery date unavailable.
  • Always refer to your order details email to get a confirmed delivery date.

Terms and Conditions for Guaranteed Amazon Delivery

Missing the promised delivery date in guaranteed Amazon delivery will result in a shipping refund. However, you must fulfill some terms and conditions to qualify for guaranteed delivery on Amazon.

These generally include:

  • Your selected shipping method must be the shipping option advertised on the product details page.
  • Your shipping address must be eligible for guaranteed delivery.
  • You must place your order within the countdown timer to receive it on a particular date.
  • Is your order not eligible for guaranteed shipping? You can choose “ship my order as these are available” to avail of the service.
  • You must keep your debit or credit card charged before the displayed deadline on the checkout page.
  • The shipping guarantee doesn’t apply if the promised date has been missed due to an unfortunate or out-of-control situation. Such situations usually include natural disasters, winter storms, unplanned strikes, etc.

However, you can simply contact Amazon Customer Service to know more about the refunds.

Bonus Tip:

You can use My Package Tracking service as a quick solution to find the location of your order. This service is solely meant to help you track your Amazon delivery in real-time.

Carrier contact information to know

Amazon Delivery service has been working with different shipping carriers to ensure timely deliveries of your orders. Most importantly, in case of any problem with your order delivery, customers can contact their respective carriers directly.

Amazon delivers heavy and exceptionally large items through some specialty carriers. These carriers include XPO, Pilot, or CEVA.

To ship standard deliveries in Hawaii and Alaska, Amazon uses Parcel Pool. However, it sends same-day deliveries through OnTrac to Seattle.

Moreover, all the delivery instructions available on your account are visible to Amazon Drivers only.

However, you can provide instructions for the packages delivered by different carriers. For this, you can use the contact details of your respective carriers from Amazon.

Important information

Some national shipping carriers may rely on regional carriers for your package delivery. In that case, you may not find accurate tracking information on the carrier’s official site. In that case, My Package Tracking can be your savior. You can enter the tracking ID of your order here for real-time Amazon delivery tracking. Most importantly, the process of order tracking here doesn’t take long.

In fact, this tracking service is pretty efficient, simple, and quick.

Amazon Prime Delivery information to know

Customers with Amazon Prime membership can also enjoy some amazing benefits for shipping. They can also choose from different shipping options to expedite their Amazon delivery.

For shipping addresses in the contiguous United States:

  • Free one-day and two-day shipping.
  • Same-day delivery for free on qualifying orders
  • Saturday shipping prices vary based on item weight and size.
  • Free No-rush delivery, Amazon Day-delivery, standard shipping, and release-date delivery.

Amazon delivery for shipping addresses in Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and Alaska:

  • Free standard shipping
  • Priority shipping prices vary by the size and weight of the item.
  • Expedited shipping prices also vary by product size and weight.

Ineligible items for prime shipping

Here are the items that are not eligible to ship with prime shipping:

  • Products fulfilled by Amazon sellers but not marked for prime eligibility.
  • Personalized gift cards
  • Magazine subscriptions
  • Any item that doesn’t contain a prime eligibility message
  • Items with shipping addresses of the US possessions, protectorates, and territories other than Puerto Rico.
  • Scheduled delivery items
  • International item deliveries.

Special delivery options for bulky items

Are you ordering an exceptionally large and bulky item for delivery from Amazon? Amazon’s Delivery system will provide suitable shipping options at the checkout. The special delivery option will entirely base on zip code eligibility and your chosen item.

Most importantly, special Amazon delivery allows you to select a convenient delivery date for your package at checkout. However, if you have ordered your items from a third-party seller, you may also find some other options.

With an eligible item and delivery address, you can choose from various special Amazon delivery options at the checkout.

Additional shipping fees may apply as per your chosen option.

Here are some special delivery options to choose from for large and bulky items:

  • Inside Entryway
  • Front porch delivery
  • Deluxe Delivery and unpacking
  • Room of Choice
  • Deluxe Delivery and Assembly

However, do you live in a gated community or apartment complex? Then someone must be there to offer access to the gated area.

Final Thoughts

Amazon Delivery offers a variety of shipping options for its customers to choose from. You can choose any suitable shipping option based on your items, shipping destination, and delivery date. However, if you want to track your Amazon delivery in real-time, you must check it with My Package Tracking. The process of tracking Amazon delivery is straightforward here. You just need to add your tracking ID. You will get the location of your package within no time.


How to find my missing package with “Delivered” status?

Firstly, verify your provided shipping address and order status. If the status is delivered, wait for 48 hours. If you still have not received your order after 48 hours, contact Amazon Customer Service for further information.

What is the best way to track Amazon delivery?

There are two ways to track your Amazon delivery efficiently. You can choose the Amazon Delivery Tracking facility to see the estimated delivery time and order status.

However, to get the actual location of your package, prefer to use the My Package Tracking service.

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