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Maldives Post Tracking, My Package Tracking allows you to track and get real-time updates for your parcels.

About Maldives Posts

On the 15th August 1967, Maldives post Became a member of UPU, and it became a member of the Asia Pacific Postal Union on 1st July 1982. The organization was changed from a government department to a state-owned company in 1994. Its mission is to meet the customer’s changing needs by providing new and innovative products and services through friendly and knowledgeable taff and efficient networks.

Most of the Maldives posts are delivered with Yun Express. Click here for tracking your Yun Express parcels.

Track Maldives Post Package

You can easily track your Maldives Post by entering your tracking ID on the Maldives post tracking service. It’s an amazing tool that lets you know the exact location of your parcel in real-time from anywhere. To know the complete information you need to enter the company’s online platform and then click on the track or trace button. For tracking your parcel, it is necessary for you to have the Maldives Post tracking number. It acts like an identification card of the package without which you cannot track your package.

Maldives Post Package Tracking Service

After entering the tracking id, our tracking tool will provide you the latest update of your delivery package. Now, depending upon its status, origin, destination, and the service’s class, you have plenty of options to make your decisions.

●      It provides you the option to view the tracking history and the features and services linked with it.

●      It gives you the chance of requesting emails or text messages about your delivery package courier.

●      Lastly, it provides an option to leave few instructions for where the package should be left.

Where does Maldives Post deliver?

Because of providing extraordinary mailing service, Maldives Post is famous in hundreds of countries and working non-stop as the operator of National Postal System. The company works in an extremely competitive market but still with its innovative services and changes, it has easily taken place in the communication market. Nowadays, the company is planning to work on various technological advancements to expand globally. Such high growths allow the company to deliver the parcels to all UPU member countries and also to APPU (Asia Pacific Postal Union) member countries.

Shipping Charges of Maldives Posts

Like all courier companies, Maldives Post also decides the price of the parcel depending on its service, dimensions, and weight. All the shipping costs are kind of same as other universal postal companies.

  • The courier charges within the country may range from 18.50 MVR($1.20) for 50g to 81.66 MVR ($5.3) per 2kg.
  • International rates for mail services have the double value of national rates.
  • The price range for delivering the parcels within the national territory may vary from 110 MVR ($7.14) to 3500 MVR ($227.16) depending on the weight, dimensions, and continent

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take for Maldives Post to deliver?

Please keep in mind that usual delivery times can vary depending on the product /service and origin/destination relation, from 2-3 days for neighboring countries and up to 20 days for countries with long distances. The merchant or online shop usually indicates the expected delivery time on its website.

Does Maldives Post deliver to your door?

Their popular international express door-to-door delivery service is available when you’re sending a document or non-document shipments to anywhere around the world.

What happens if I missed Maldives Post delivery?

If you missed a delivery, you’ll find a Maldives Post missed-delivery card in your mailbox. Our Maldives Post courier will automatically try to deliver your parcel again the next workday. If that does not suit you, you can select a new delivery time before 10:30 PM. That way, you’ll have your parcel in no time.

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