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With My Package Tracking, you can easily track all the parcels and deliveries regarding your Singapore Post packages. 

About Singapore Posts

Singapore Posts, also known as “SingPost” is one of the leading courier services in Singapore providing local and international delivery options. It is a private limited company which is not owned by any government. The company is almost 160 years old and is trusted equally by its customers both globally and locally. Singapore Posts has around 50 post offices worldwide and 10000 post boxes. 

USPS is one of the largest suppliers in the world and also delivers Singapore Posts. Click here for tracking your USPS packages.

Their Customer Service

You can easily contact Singapore Posts Supply Chain through phone and email. Unfortunately, My Package Tracking does not provide any opportunity for direct customer service inquiries related to Singapore Posts. If you have any kind of questions, you can simply go through the official website of the Singapore Posts supply chain and solve your queries by directly contacting the concerned people.

Get Real-Time Updates

It might be a little frustrating for some of you to get each update for your Singapore Posts parcel through mobile or email. Just simply use the My Package Tracking service. Our package tracker will help you to receive real-time updates of your packages. We will help you to save your valuable time by not waiting for several hours to get a simple reply. So don’t miss the time; use our services to get updates instantly.

Get all information in one click

While checking the updates for your Singapore Posts Supply Chain parcel, you want all the information to be on one page. Isn’t it? Well, the good news is, with My Package Tracking, you will get the delivery status, location, and the estimated delivery date at a single click only. Don’t try to miss out on this opportunity.

How to track my Singapore Posts Supply Chain package?

The best and the easiest way to track your Singapore Posts Supply Chain packages is to simply enter the tracking number on our tracker and view all the details related to it. We will connect you through the fastest servers to provide accurate information related to your parcel.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does SingPost track USPS?

SingPost will check with the USPS on the status of the item, and under the international postal agreement, USPS may take up to 60 days to reply to SingPost.

Does SingPost deliver after 6pm?

Delivery only available on working days, from Mon to Fri 9am to 6pm and Sat 9am to 12.30pm, excluding Sundays and PH.

How long does a package take from Singapore to us?

Ocean/Sea, Air, and Express freight time from Singapore to the United States

Port to PortDoor to Door
Sea Freight (FCL)30-35 days50-54 days
Sea Freight (LCL)25-37 days42-47 days
Air Freight3-8 days6-13 days
Express*––1-4 days

How long does normal mail take Singapore?

98% of local Basic Mail will be delivered within 1 working day if posted by collection time.

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