Slickdeals Tracking – Track your Package live

With our tracking tool, you will find the real-time updates of your Slickdeals delivery parcels. They work closely and efficiently along with their partners to minimize the burden and cost of sending out the packages in a well-organized manner.

Why Slickdeals?

●  Over 5000+ businesses using Slickdeals

●  Over 1 million+ parcel delivered successfully

●  Over 15000+ pin codes pan India coverage

●  Over 92+ countries covering the globe

Slickdeals Package Tracking Service

After entering the tracking id, our tracking tool will provide you the latest update of your delivery package. Now, depending upon its status, origin, destination, and the service’s class, you have plenty of options to make your decisions.

●      It provides you the option to view the tracking history and the features and services linked with it.

●  It gives you the chance of requesting emails or text messages about your delivery package courier.

●  Lastly, it provides an option to leave few instructions for where the package should be left.

Track your Slickdeals Parcel Easily

With My Package Tracking, you can easily track your all packages including Slickdeals parcels on the tip of your hand. Unlike other tracking services, we provide all the updates on a single page. You have to just enter the tracking ID and all the updates will be right in front of you. Try it now.

Click here for FedEx delivery parcels.

Get your updates with one click

My Package Tracking values your time, therefore, we believe there is no need to surf the whole web for just a simple piece of information. So we offer all the updates related to your Slickdealstracking on a single page only. You simply need to enter your tracking ID on our tool and then view all the updates with just a click. Check our tool now!

Never miss any Slickdeals Tracking updates

If you are willing to view all the important Slickdeals Updates right in front of your screen, try My Package Tracking. We save your time by avoiding searching from various web pages. My Package Tracking gives you updates for all your Slickdeals Couriers from different locations in the world.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if the Slickdeals Courier arrives and no one is at home?

There are two scenarios in such a case. If the delivery package does not require any signature, the delivery person will leave the parcel in a safe place like the porch or doorstep.

But, on the other hand, if the parcel requires a signature to approve the delivery, then you will get a message like this “You missed your delivery.” They will try again for two more attempts and on the third attempt, the customer will get a refund.

Can we get delivery on weekdays?

Slickdeals Tracking courier provides its deliveries on all 7 days, from 8 am to 8 pm. But if the customer specifically wants that his parcel should be delivered on weekends, he can select the option under “Manage Address Book”

What if the status shows delivered but the customer has still not received the package?

Slickdeals tracking does not get updated in real-time often. So there are chances if the status is shown as delivered, the final delivery can be done after a few hours. Or your package has been delivered to your neighbor, in case you were absent.  

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