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About Colissimo

Chronopost is one of the major players in the express delivery of parcels up to 30 kg to businesses and individuals around the world. GeoPost subsidiary, holding and Express Parcels of La Poste, Chronopost employs 3,500 employees and carried 102.2 million packages in 2013 Chronopost in France is based on a network of 80 operational sites, including 6 hubs. Chronopost serves more than 230 countries in Europe and worldwide. 

Colissimo parcels are also delivered by China Post couriers. Click here for tracking your China Post parcels live.

Track Colissimo Package

To track your Colissimo package live, kindly enter your Colissimo package tracking ID on our tracking tool.

You can easily find your tracking ID on the confirmation email received from the company or on the online store order page.

It does not matter whether you have already picked your package or dropped it, our tool will provide the real-time status of your Colissimo parcel.

Colissimo Package Tracking Service

It is extremely necessary to track your Colissimo parcels when you are sending or receiving any package. This provides all the customers a better idea and time of when their parcel is going to be delivered. Although tracking your Colissimo parcels provides an estimated delivery time but this time does not change unless it is affected by any certain circumstances. For your convenience, My Package Tracking provides an efficient tool for tracking your packages to keep you constantly updated.

It is also important to track your parcels to identify any potential complications regarding its delivery. It may also alert you in case of certain actions to be taken by you regarding your Colissimo package. Such complications occur generally the company is making any international delivery. For all the latest information and real-time updates related to your parcel, you can always try My Package Tracking tool.

How much does Colissimo Post charge?

For all the shipping charges and other fees regarding any specific Colissimo parcel, you can visit their official website and know all the rates. It is because the price of each parcel will depend on the package’s dimension, weight, and its destination. However, the general pricing idea for Colissimo shipping is described below.

If you’re sending any parcel to the areas of Continental France, Andorra and Monaco, then the shipping charges will be around 5 Euros for 250g package, 6.30 Euros for 500g package and 7.25 Euros for 750g Colissimo package. Whereas for heavier packages like 1kg, 2kg, or 5 kg, the pricing will be 8 Euros, 9 Euros, and 14 Euros respectively.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Colissimo located?

Colissimo is a hugely popular courier service in France allowing customers to post packages domestically and internationally for a great price, and customers who book Chronopost using the Parcel Monkey shipping calculator can enjoy even cheaper rates!

How long does Colissimo take to the UK?

Indicative dates for international delivery using their Colis International service are 4 to 9 days, depending on destination.

What time does Colissimo deliver?

Colissimo will deliver Monday-Friday before 6.00 pm (excluding bank and public holidays).