Yun Express delivery time – When does Yun Express deliver my package?

Yun express delivery time

Yun express is one of the biggest agents currently in China offering global e-commerce logistics services across 11 countries.

Apart from having its stations hosted in China, it has partnered with other global countries where its stations have been established.

YunExpress history

Yun Express in China

Yun express e-commerce was established back in 2014 in Shenzhen, China to solve the shipping problems experienced by cross-border e-commerce sellers and has ever since gotten much experience in the field.

Yun express has partnered with other online vendors like Amazon company, eBay company, Wish company, and so on. When customers order a product online from one of the apps, the online vendor packs the item and leaves the shipping process to Yun express which delivers it to the destined country.

Once the parcels have arrived at the intended country, it is left in the hands of a local courier with experience of delivering the parcels to the final destination.

Yun Express Tracking Number

Checking the delivery status of your order is possible thanks to the Yun express Tracking Number. The tracking number consists of 2 initial alphabets followed by 16 figures.

For example, your tracking number can be UT 123 456 789 0. The Yun Express track number can give you access to more information about the movement of your parcel. For parcel tracking, enter your YunExpress tracking number on the YunExpress official website/ app to get updates on your parcel.

Yun express delivery experience for different countries

Apart from managing the logistics operations, sorting the different warehouses, and customs clearance, the main agenda for Yun express is the timely delivery of packages in their best forms using affordable rates.

Their services and updates are accessed in various countries.

YunExpress USA

YunExpress in the United States stands at the top with a widely known experience of delivering DDP (Delivery Duty Paid) cross-border e-commerce shipping services to B2C sellers.

Express Yun normally takes 4 days for packages to have arrived from the United States export hubs to Germany, UK, France, and the Netherlands. However, in countries like Italy, Poland, and Sweden, the delivery time extends to 5 days.

Also, packages take 7-15 days to be transported from Hong Kong to the United States. The packages together with their package tracking number are handed over to the USA FedEx post office after the clearance process is over.

Information about Yun express tracking number can be found on their official website. FedEx delivers the customers’ packages all over the USA except for places like Hawaii, Alaska, and Guam Island.

FedEx works on a package using the Economy express which takes 7-15 business days for them to be delivered. However, for a package using the Standard express, they are transported by USPS courier which takes 5-10 business days of delivery.

For parcel tracking, make sure that your track Yun express number is posted on their website to get updates on your package.

YunExpress UK

Yun express logistics company in the UK is another leading e-commerce shipping providers. Parcels from Hong Kong typically take on 3-5 business days to have arrived in the UK by air.

The Royal Mail is responsible for both Standard and Economy express solution locally.

Yun express also allows full tracking of the package within 5 weeks. The re-delivery of a package from Hong Kong to the UK is not supported. However, in case it is sent back due to incorrect or incomplete delivery status, the client will be charged 40RNB per package.

The re-delivery process takes about one month after which the client is notified again on the return of the package. If no response is gotten after one month, the package is destroyed.

For package tracking in the UK, visit the UK Yun Express site on the google app and put the Yun express tracking number.

Yun Express France

Yun express shipping providers normally take 3-5 business days for Direct services while the Registration services take between 5-10 working days for the package to be delivered to its destination.

The LA Post Cossimo courier is responsible for local delivery experience across the country.

The re-delivery experience is also not supported here. However, if the customers’ parcels are sent back, the re-delivery period takes about 2 weeks in which the customer will be notified on the return of the package.

If no reply is received after the 2 weeks, then the Yun express package is destroyed. Again, for Yun express tracking in France, visit their official online website on Google app and ensure your Yun express track number is posted to get updates on your parcel.

Yun Express Spain

The Spain Yun express Registration express takes about 5-7 working days while the Economy express takes about 7-12 business days. The Correos company is the one responsible for the local delivery solution.

To get updates on your parcel status in Spain, key in the Yun express tracking number on their website or contact them using the 902 197 197 hotline number.

Yun Express Germany

It takes about 5-10 working days for a package to be delivered from Hong Kong to Germany using the Registration express. The local delivery for this service is done by DHL Germany courier.

For the Yun express Economy express, the delivery period can take between 7-15 business days. The local delivery for this service is done by Deutsche Post courier.

To get updates on your parcel, enter the track Yun express number our german Yun Express website.


Ever heard of the Poste Italiane? They are widely known for local delivery services across Italy. Typically, it takes about 7-12 business days for Yun express packages to be delivered using the Yun express Direct service and 7-15 working days using the Economy service.

For Yun express tracking in Italy, ensure that the track Yun express number is posted on their website on the Google app to get updates on your parcel.

Central Europe

To get the Yun express packages, customers use the Local Postal Office for Express, Registration, and Economy services. The delivery period takes about 7-15 business days. There is no hotline contact at present.

To track your parcel, you can always visit their website on the Google app and put the tracking number to get updates or other information on the delivery status.

Yun Express Canada, Australia, Austria, Japan, and Poland

These countries have been grouped together since they only use Yun express Direct delivery service. Canada delivery period takes 5-7 business days through Canada Post courier. Australia delivery period takes 4-5 days through Australia Post Fastway while Austria delivery time takes 5-10 days through DPD Austria couriers.

Japan takes 3-5 days for the Yun express package to be delivered through Japan Post delivery while Poland takes 5-8 days through Posta Polska and DHL Poland couriers.

Every country has its own website where customers can enter your track Yun express number to get updates on your parcel.


Yun express has been a great experience for many e-Commerce vendors using the shipping service. This is due to the open information and updates about the track numbers used to track various packages and great delivery solution.

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