Lazada Express is owned by Lazada Group, a Southeast Asian courier company owned by Alibaba Group.

The company provides its services and delivery capabilities with its e-commerce website in various countries like Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam.

When Lazada elogistics lel was initially established in 2012, they sell the products from their warehouses. In 2013, lex (Lazada) allowed other 3rd party sellers to sell their products through Lazada’s official website.

Currently, Lazada Global Shipping logistics company has more than 155000 sellers for more than 560 million customers selling a variety of products.

How to track Lazada Order and get Order Status?

In case you have a Lazada order, you can track the status of your order by visiting on the web. To track your order using Lazada online app, you need to open the app and click on the “Shop” option to view your order.

You can also request an email confirmation if you have an old Lazada order you want to cancel.

To make your work easier, we have come up with a quick solution to track Lazada package. My Package Tracking lets you track your parcel with the order’s tracking number and provides all the updates regarding the package.

How does Lazada work?

While most e-commerce platforms are usually known to be seller-focused, Lazada is different. The platform focuses on bringing quality products from independent sellers to customers in the shortest time possible.

Lazada’s agents receive an average of 30-40% on all orders from sellers through a commission system through Lazada Marketplace. However, Lazada has also started a model in which agents receive commissions based on total orders that are placed on Lazada.

This model works for most sellers since the more they sell, the more they earn, and this incentivizes sellers to keep selling and to keep new sellers coming in.

What is the difference between Lazada Elogistics and Alibaba?

All of Lazada’s storefronts are owned and operated by third-party retailers. They can add to, modify, or remove products from the products’ menu.

Lazada takes a commission from each sale made by one of these 3rd-party retailers. Alibaba has no real inventory.

Alibaba operates its AliExpress as a marketplace with the help of its technology partners. Alibaba acts as the marketplace platform for merchants selling to consumers on its sites.

How is the purchasing experience on Lazada?

Lazada offers one of the easiest shopping experiences online with a wide range of products, prices, and delivery options.

Lazada has two ways of shopping – both ways require you to click on an item and choose which one to buy.

How long does it take for Lazada to deliver?

The Lazada Business Units Express ship all packages within 4 to 7 working days from your order date within Southeast Asia.

This does not include China-Easter, so make sure you look for delivery dates. They apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

What happens when my package is not delivered?

If your package is not delivered, you can go back and find out by going to the Lazada tracking website. They will give you an option to track your order using the tracking number and see the current location of your package.

Lazada does not allow customers to track any item that is not purchased.

Does Lazada Make Deliveries on Sunday?

The straightforward answer will be no! Lazada only provides its deliveries from Monday to Saturday, but not on Sunday. It delivers few items on Saturdays depending upon which area of the country you are living in.

While placing an order on the Lazada marketplace, the buyers have to ensure their availability at the time of delivery. If the buyer is placing their office address, they must ensure that they are available during weekends if the parcel is delivered.

You should schedule your delivery that matches with your working hours.

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