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Wildberries Tracking: A Guide for Beginners

Wildberries, also known as интернет магазин in Russia is an online shipping retail company in Moscow, Russia. It’s amongst the leading e-commerce logistic companies and the largest market enterprise in Russia. The turnover of the company and its services was around $3 billion in 2019 only. Apart from Russia, it extends its services to Slovakia, Kazakhstan, Armenia, Kyrgyzstan, Poland, Russia, and Belarus. The company has more than 45,000 employees who manages their website, shipments including all the other orders. The company has a wide range of items of more than 30000 brands, where users can also compare the price of each product. They cover a wide range of categories like apparel, shoes, housewares, books, jewelry, food, electronics, etc.

What is Wildberries and Wildberries Tracking?

Wildberries is a direct consumer web platform that sells digital goods and allow users to track their order via tracking number. They have several online marketplaces where sellers can market their products. Wildberries Russian targets both Russian-speaking buyers and people from overseas. Wildberries’ customers can choose to buy products from Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Armenia, or other countries like Poland, Uzbekistan, Moldova, etc. They offer premium goods like in-game digital goods, digital film series, digital software, flash drives, ringtones, MP3s, mobile phones, ringtones, and many other things that can be downloaded for free but are worth money to buyers. Wildberries operates in three main segments: Wildberries Marketplace, Wildberries Express, and Wildberries Pro.

History of Wildberries

The company was founded in 1997 in Moscow, Russia by Andrey Guryev. Andrey is the brother of Boris Guryev, one of the leaders of the Russian rap group, Indiggo. Andrey was born in Moscow. He worked as a management consultant at Ernst & Young. At the same time, he was interested in his hobbies: selling electronic devices. In an interview, he explains how he got into this field of work: “When I was a teenager I liked to organize events in Moscow clubs and I had some successful parties. When I got my break in Moscow, I needed to rent a small space to host my parties. It was not easy. There was no such place, I rented a room in a music studio. With the money I earned, I bought some electronics and started selling them.

Where are they located?

Wildberries Russia headquarters are located in Moscow, Russia

Where do they advertise?

Wildberries Russia advertisements are seen in Russia, United States, United Kingdom, Germany, the Netherlands, Canada, Spain, Italy, Malaysia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Indonesia, and Singapore.

How many stores do they have?

Wildberries Russia has approximately 50,000 SKUs available online and in stores. As of March 2018 they had a total of 3,500 stores in 22 countries. Wildberries’ offline footprint includes many large department stores such as Odessa Mall and Intex Mall. It also operates smaller stores in Russia and Ukraine. You can buy any package from any store depending upon your area and track them with the tracking number.

Who are their employees?

As per the 2016 survey, Wildberries Russia has 33,000 to 34,000 employees. The company has about 3,000 employees in Russia, 2,500 in Eastern Europe, 500 in Central Asia and Europe, 2,500 in the Balkans, 1,500 in Ukraine, 700 in Slovakia and 250 in the United States. Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia Wildberries is owned by Kazbek Kashuba, a Russian businessman who founded Wildberries Russia in 1994. Kashuba is believed to be the eighth richest person in Russia. He has an estimated net worth of $2.7 billion. Kashuba has spent his fortune on Wildberries. His net worth has decreased from $2.7 billion to $2.2 billion over the past few years. According to Forbes, his Wildberries controls 15 percent of the Russian retail market.

What products do they sell and what categories are they in?

Wildberries sells a wide variety of products in their stores. The following is a list of just a few of the categories they sell: Home & Furniture Tops & bottoms Women’s fashion Kids clothing Music & Gaming Apparel Sporting goods Shoes Furniture Electronics Gifts Sporting goods. Wildberries started in 2009 as an online marketplace. They were founded by a group of students from Moscow State University who wanted to make the buying experience easier. In the first 6 months of the site, they were able to sell 600,000 items and made enough money to cover their operating costs and pay their rent.

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