Blibli Tracking – Support and delivery time forecast for Blibli

Blibli Tracking: Get Real-time Updates For Your Orders

Blibli As the largest and most trusted online mall, Blibli offers a wide selection of quality products provided by more than 100,000 business partners, ranging from primary needs, electronic products including gadgets, daily necessities to products for lifestyle needs.

Blibli is Indonesian e-commerce that provides a variety of needs and selected products that are 100% Original, Fast and Free Shipping; it provides 24-hour Customer Service for consumers, shopping transactions and Secure Payments, 15 days product returns, and Cash On Delivery payment services, right at your house.

How to Track Your Blibli Order

When you make any payment on, you will get a tracking number and order number on your registered email address or mobile number. You can use the tracking ID on the website to track and monitor your parcel status.

Otherwise, you can use My Package Tracking to get real-time updates of your Blibli Yang parcels. Simply enter the id on our tracking tool and get the real-time updates.

Get real-time updates for your orders

Blibli, as the leading online shopping mall in Indonesia, has introduced Blibli Gearing Dashboard. The new Gearing Dashboard, found on the upper right corner of the main page, helps you have a close look at your account, and it is free for any Blibli customers who logged in during the particular week.

With this dashboard, you can check your order status, scroll your purchases, your order history, know your balance, change your payment methods and pay with a debit or credit card. You can also monitor the status of your order and also read customer feedback.

So, in the first step of Blibli’s homepage, users must go to the upper right corner of the page and choose “Gearing Dashboard” from the menu below.


Convenience and convenience are always no. 1 for you. Blibli, an online store that provides various promos, is ready to make your online shopping experience more economical and more satisfying!

  • Shopping for basic needs ranging from riceinstant noodlessugarwheat flour, and others can be purchased directly at Bliblimart, panic-free; just click!
  • Pay monthly bill transaction without worrying start of Claims BPJSelectricity billbill Indihome practical and completely easy.
  • You can trade in your favorite gadgets/electronic items to trade in PlayStation directly from your Blibli application!
  • Get the best all-in-one promos starting from Flash Sale, Harbolnas, Promo 9.9, 10.10, 11.11, and 12.12. Shop more efficiently and cheaply with festive discounts! 
  • There are the latest Samsung phonesSamsung Flip 3, Samsung Fold 3
  • Buy ORI items without worrying, only at Blibli!

How to make payment

Click the checkbox on the top left of the product page. Select “check out.” Click the “Pay Now” button on the next page. Your payment information is sent to the appropriate payment gateway and completed by your payment provider.

When your payment is completed, your bill will be sent to the e-mail address registered to your registered account on the website. Check the “Message Your Seller” box to notify your seller that your purchase was made. How to return If you received an incorrect item or it is not the one you ordered, please enter the page where the order details will be displayed.

Please scroll to the last item shown, click the “Notice” button at the top right of the page, and select “Notice.” The notice should be very short and only one paragraph, highlighting your order details.

The advantages of using Blibli

They have immediate access to products 24-hour Customer Service Cash on Delivery payment service Direct Delivery, one-hour delivery time, No Order Cancellation Policy Except for top-quality products from more than 100,000 business partners, products are delivered the same day, next day, or one-day delivery service.

Support Customer service is available on the shop page, where customers can access the customer service for every shopping transaction. If something is wrong with the order, customers can order a replacement, request for a refund, or get a better payment option.


The users of this platform in Indonesia seem to have a much deeper understanding and user experience of the app. They could get the most out of the application, which proved to be a highly productive tool for anyone interested in purchasing a major gift to send to their parents.

While the application’s help is not of much use to those unfamiliar with the Indonesian culture, the app definitely would be an excellent choice to send a gift to someone living in Indonesia. With the platform’s expansion, access to the application is bound to grow, and Blibli will be able to cater to the needs of those interested in sending gifts to Indonesia.

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