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Tophatter Tracking Package – All You Need To Know

Tophatter is an e-commerce marketplace best known for its 90-minute live auction model. Their website works as a social media site.

Customers scroll to discover products that they might be interested in from all over the world.

The Tophatter website gives shoppers a fun shopping experience.

It’s a great place for people to find great products and have entertaining experiences.

Where is Tophatter located?

Launched in 2012, Tophatter is a mobile discovery shopping marketplace.

It connects retailers to shoppers all around the world.

Their headquarters are in San Francisco, California. They also have offices in Portland, Shenzen, Shanghai, and Bangalore.

How do I track my Tophatter order using my tracking number?

  1. To track Tophatter orders, you must enter your username into the search browser in their order section.
  2. Another way to track Tophatter orders is by receiving your tracking number. The tracking number is sent by the courier once the order is ready for shipment.
  3. Go to their website, click on their “View My Order” list and you will be taken to their tracking page.This tool makes information on your package available to you.
  4. You can see your order history and the status of your shipments by entering your tracking number into your account on the tracking page.

Tophatter gives you real-time updates on your shipments.

You also have the option of using third-party international couriers like FedEx for tracking and delivery.

What is Tophatter express?

Tophatter express is the networking and logistics arm of the company.

To track Tophatter express packages, they issue their shoppers with a Tophatter express tracking number before shipment occurs. This tracking number gives real-time updates of location, shipping history, regulation, and proof of delivery.

Their logistics system helps increase buyer protection.This is because package information and the status of customer products are always available through the Tophatter web page and their app.

How long does Tophatter take to deliver?

The estimated time of Tophatter express delivery of an item is usually placed on the merchant’s page on the site.

How long the parcel takes for delivery depends on the merchant. As well as the average time they deliver the parcel to Tophatter warehouses. Delivery also depends on whether the shoppers have paid for their items on the same day they ordered them.

On average, it takes 1-5 business days for a package to be delivered.

If the customer’s package is lost during delivery, they have to wait 60 days to report the item as not having been received.

What is their return policy?

Tophatter express has made the return and refund experience an easy one.

All information on general and specific refunds is on their website but here are the most important policies:

If the customer has bought an item and requests a refund before the delivery of the parcel, they get a full refund.

If the parcel is returned within 30 days of delivery, the customer gets a full refund on their items.

Customers are free to return their parcel for any reason within 30 days of delivery.

If a merchant’s account has items with a high return rate, then incident fees will be charged and the cost of returns will be charged to the merchant.

How do I contact Tophatter customer service?

Tophatter express has a customer care phone number, website, and email to answer queries from retailers and customers.

The Tophatter express courier helpline is +86 021-66776511.

The Tophatter express website has an extensive FAQ list. The website is

Their customer service email for retailers and customers is

Tophatter express customer care services are offered in English.


1) How do I track Tophatter express?

You can track Tophatter express through your Tophatter express tracking number.

2) How do I get Tophatter credit?

You can get Tophatter credit through instant refunds, promotions, rewards, and offers. This credit has no value off of the Tophatter site.

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