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My Package Tracking lets you easily track your Georgia Post parcels and get real-time updates regarding their delivery. You have to simply put the tracking ID and our tool will provide all the information about the package.

About Georgia Post Tracking Company

Georgian Post has been a member country of the Universal Postal Union since 1993. This union membership is very important for Georgia because it gives a possibility to integrate the postal network of the country into the network of the Universal Postal Union. Georgian Post has a long history. It is a well-known fact that from the ancient time transmission of information was provided by “couriers” and “messengers” in Georgia, which was mentioned in “Kartlis Tskhovreba” several times.


The activity of the company is based on long-term cooperation principles with its clients, partners and personnel. The company’s mission is to create the highest standard of the service due to high professionalism as well as establishment of modern technologies under the universal postal service principles that envisage protection and provision of every single citizen’s right to get the service without any obstacle. The clients can be absolutely sure that the Georgian Post ensures confidential and fast shipping to even the most remote parts of the country, despite season and weather. 

Yun Express is one of the largest postal services in the world which also ships Georgia packages. Click here to track your Yun Express parcels.


The company maintains the viewpoint to gain the clients’ loyalty by maintaining a high-quality service as well as being a trustful partner for the clients as well as partner organizations. A high-standard service and safe and timely delivery to the addressees at the service centers where professional operators are employed is the main reason for the company’s local and international success. The company also plans to become a leader regional postal operator by expanding the logistic line. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What if the Georgia Post Logistics Courier arrives and no one is at home?

There are two scenarios in such a case. If the delivery package does not require any signature, the delivery person will leave the parcel in a safe place like the porch or doorstep.

But, on the other hand, if the parcel requires a signature to approve the delivery, then you will get a message like this “You missed your delivery.” They will try again for two more attempts and on the third attempt, the customer will get a refund.

Can we get delivery on weekdays?

Georgia Post Logistics provides its deliveries on all 7 days, from 8 am to 8 pm. But if the customer specifically wants that his parcel should be delivered on weekends, he can select the option under “Manage Address Book”

What if the status shows delivered but the customer has still not received the package?

Georgia Post Logistics tracking does not get updated in real-time often. So there are chances if the status is shown as delivered, the final delivery can be done after a few hours. Or your package has been delivered to your neighbor, in case you were absent.  

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