Bukalapak Tracking with Support and delivery time

Bukalapak Tracking: How To Track Your Package with Ecommerce Firm

Bukalapak is amongst the top 3 leading e-commerce businesses in Indonesia. Its ipo (initial public offering) first came in 2010 by three main people- Achmad Zaky, Nugroho Herucahyono, and Muhamad Fajrin Rasyid. Initially, the company began its funding round by becoming a small retailing shop and allowing other small and medium enterprises to sell products on their platform. Through various sources, the company has grown a huge number of sales in 2015. It recorded to have more than 163000 sellers on their platform as sellers or buyers. While in 2016, the number of sellers on their platform exceeded 1.3 million.

How to use Bukalapak Tracking

  1. Step 1: Create an account and sign up.
  2. Step 2: Choose the monthly subscription option, which includes two year’s worth of packaging.
  3. Step 3: Fill out the order form. When it’s done, you will receive an e-mail from Bukalapak.
  4. Step 4: Place your order and drop it off to a Bukalapak Partner that’s ready to process the packages.
  5. Step 5: You will then be notified by e-mail of when the packages are ready for delivery.
  6. Step 6: Simply wait for your package. Bukalapak’s partners can be found near your address.

How does it work? 

Bukalapak works by listing eligible sellers who can process package shipments. The small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) can use the Bukalapak Partner service to take advantage of the Bukalapak courier service. Bukalapak will then pay for the entire shipment.

Bukalapak Tracking- Tips for a successful purchase on Bukalapak

In addition to finding all kinds of things to purchase, Bukalapak also helps customers manage the order in their online stores. Using the Bukalapak Order Form, customers can share information about their orders with Bukalapak. Once the buyer completes the registration, Bukalapak’s Customer Service department will send an e-mail with a special PIN, which can then be used to track the package’s progress. This way, customers are notified about any delays in the delivery of their order. Start using Bukalapak Order Form to manage your order with this initial public offering or (IPO).

How to track your package on Bukalapak

Every day at Bukalapak, there are over 3,000 items to be shipped. Because their customers span the entire country, delivery times are pretty long. To help combat this problem, Bukalapak will deliver packages to your home after a driver collects them. They can also help you track your package online, which can be especially useful when you’re at the post office trying to track down a missing package. You can even get your parcel delivered to a friend or family member’s house if you’re not present at your shipping address. Keep in mind that these shipping rules apply to all of Bukalapak’s products, not just its free package delivery service.

There’s another method of Bukalapak tracking with different media. You can track your any package of your Bukalapak with My Package Tracking. You need to enter your tracking data, and our system will track the parcel and give real-time updates regarding it.

Bukalapak Delivery Services

Currently, Bukalapak is working with 13 courier delivery parcels which are listed below-

  • J&T Express Hotline: (021) 8066 1888. E-mail: jntcallcenter@jet.co.id
  • JNE (REG, YES, and Trucking) Hotline: (021) 2927 8888. E-mail: customercare@jne.co.id
  • TIKI (REG and ONS) Hotline: (021) 2926 4120. E-mail: support_id@ninjavan.co
  • Ninja Xpress (REG) Hotline: 1500 125. E-mail: tiki@tiki.id
  • SiCepat (REG, BEST and Halu) Hotline: (021) 5020 0050. E-mail: customer.care@sicepat.com
  • Pos Indonesia (Special Express Post and Next Day Post) Call Center HALOPOS: 161. E-mail: halopos@posindonesia.co.id
  • Lion Parcel Customer Service: (021) 2258 0868 or (021) 8082 0072. E-mail: customer.care@lionparcel.com
  • Wahana E-mail: customer.service@wahana.com
  • Janio E-mail: contact@janio.asia

Buying and selling on Bukalapak

Bukalapak’s Online Marketplace Bukalapak is Indonesia’s largest online marketplace after Gojek. In 2017, it claimed to have moved over 1.5 billion rupiahs worth of merchandise, or close to 11 million units. This amounted to over $5.5 million in sales, which is no small feat. According to the website, it has the most competitive prices and guarantees. Bukalapak partner service Bukalapak partner service is offered to sell offline items, such as warung or pirwan goods. As explained by Herucahyono, selling such items on Bukalapak is relatively easy. As long as the seller has their product registered on Bukalapak, then they can ship it to Bukalapak customers.


So, should you start online shopping? The answer is yes if you are going to do it properly, it is advisable to pay attention to the following points. Keep Away From Labels Some e-shopping sites give the impression of being reputable. If you find such an e-shopping site, simply stop buying. Always buy from direct customers. Not just do you benefit from buying from direct customers, but the quality of the products will also be better. Pay attention to the details. Keep a close eye on the communication and other information.

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