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Tmall is the biggest Business to Customer online marketplace in Asia. Created by Jack Ma, they are a subsidiary of the Alibaba group. They have hundreds of millions of Chinese consumers. Globally, they have over 500 million monthly active users.

One of the biggest reasons for their success is that they offer their merchants the ability to customize their stores. These stores are called storefronts on the local Tmall website. This novel idea has created a user-friendly environment for both the seller and the customer.

Their success created Tmall global which is a platform where international brands can sell their products directly to the Chinese market.

Where is Tmall located?

Established in 2008, Tmall is based in Hangzhou China. They have a massive presence in China. The majority of their customers usually come from mainland China, Macau, Hong Kong, and Taiwan.

This is domination in China is shifting because Tmall brands are becoming more popular overseas especially through platforms like Tmall global.

Where does Tmall ship from?

In China, Tmall uses its own logistics agencies and uses affiliate posting shipping companies like China Post. Internationally, Tmall uses agencies like logistics services from the Alibaba group and affiliate shipping companies.

Unfortunately, Tmall logistic services are not as efficient outside of China or for cross border delivery.

Online shoppers should make sure that when they buy a package from the e-commerce platform, they make sure they pick the best third party delivery service.

Does Tmall ship to the US?

While Tmall does ship to the United States, its primary target audience is the Chinese consumer.

This means delivery shipped to the United States is better off on third party affiliate delivery companies like FedEx live or DHL.

The main problem American online shoppers have with Tmall shipping services is that the cost of shipping services often cost more than the package itself. Shipping through affiliate companies has minimal shipping fees for the same service.

How do I track my shipment from Tmall?

Tmall and Tmall global would usually send hundreds of millions of packages every week to their shoppers.

You can track your shipment through the tracking number given to you after you have paid for your items. To find your tracking number go to Login to your account then goes to My Bought Products. Go to the menu bar called All Functions and then go to My Bought Products. Your order details and tracking number should be there.

For international delivery, choose Overseas Logistics Order. Here is where you will find your order details and tracking number. To track your tmall shipment from the Tmall online store, enter your tracking number into their input field. Then press enter and you will see the status of your package.

Alternatively, you can use another tracking website to see the status of your parcel. Just enter your tracking number or order number to the tracking website of your choice to view the location of your items.

How long does it take for Tmall to deliver packages?

For Chinese consumers, once an order has been placed and a tracking number given it can take 7-40 working days to get to them. The package has to go through a Tmall warehouse to China Post and other affiliates.

For international shipping, it can take three or more weeks to reach its destination. International shipping takes longer because you have to put your products through customs checks and other international standards.

Tmall and Tmall global delivery is a long process. You can opt to use affiliate companies like DHL that take within 5-10 working days to deliver a package. Affiliate international companies tend to have shorter wait times because they have better networks and logistics services.

Do Tmall and Tmall Global do international shipping?

Yes, Tmall and Tmall Global do international shipping. However, it is much faster to put your products on affiliate shipping companies’ ships and trucks.

Cross border shipping is not a strong point for Tmall and Tmall global. You would have to wait three weeks or longer for an international package to arrive.

How do I make a return on Tmall?

Occasionally, the item you have bought on the e-commerce store might be defunct, damaged, or not what it looked like on the website.

You can make a return on your item from the largest online retailer in four easy steps. Step one is to go to the Tmall online store and in the drop-down menu click on Previous Purchases. Step two is finding the item you want to return and click Return Goods. Step three will give you two options; the first option is whether you would like to Return Money or Return Money and Return Goods. Click on whichever option suits you. Step four begins after you have picked an option from step three.

You will need to fill out a form as to why you would like to return the goods purchased then click enter and return the package.

Send the package back to a Tmall warehouse. If you do not know the location of a warehouse near you, go to their website or contact a Tmall customer care representative.

What is the difference between Tmall and Tmall Global?

The online marketplace Tmall is a front of hundreds of online stores specifically for Chinese brands sold by Chinese merchants. Millions of Chinese goods enter the e-commerce platform for the Chinese market.

Tmall Global on the other hand is a sub-e-commerce platform for international merchants to sell international brands to Chinese consumers.

Another difference between Tmall and Tmall Global would usually be the official colors on their platforms. Tmall’s official colors are red and black and Tmall Global’s official colors are purple and black.

Due to deposit and customs fees, Tmall Global brands are more expensive to buy and ship to international destinations.

Tmall Global merchants are not tied by Chinese law, it is much harder for online shoppers to be compensated if anything goes wrong. New higher deposit fees are a way to protect the consumers as well as the store if anything goes wrong.

What is the difference between Taobao and Tmall?

Tmall and Tmall global is a front of hundreds of stores under the umbrella of Taobao. Taobao, Tmall, and Tmall Global are all subsidiaries owned and operated by the Alibaba group.

Taobao and Tmall are differentiated by the fact that they use different business models. Taobao uses the consumer to consumer business model. Tmall uses the business to consumer business model.

On Taobao, anyone can sign up and start selling new products. However, with Tmall and Tmall Global, merchants have to go through a strict verification process to sell new items on this platform.

How can I contact the Tmall group?

If your inquiries have not been answered on the Tmall or Tmall Global marketplace. Go to their online help center to talk to a customer service representative.

To find help for global merchants, you can call them at 400-860-8608 Monday to Sunday from 9:00 am to 9:00 pm. To find help for international online shoppers, you can call them t 400-843-2288 Monday to Friday from 9:00 am to midnight.

To find help for their consumers in China, they can visit Tmall and Tmall Global offices at Alibaba Brazil Park, Wenyi West Road, Hangzhou, Yuhan district, and the postal code is 311100.

Tmall and Tmall Global had created the narrative that they are a trusted online market for consumers to buy both international and Chinese brand name products. Due to their marketing strategies and adherence to quality products, Tmall and Tmall Global are going to be a household name overseas.


Does Tmall offer free shipping?

Free shipping and delivery depend on the seller’s details and where you are buying the new items. Contact the merchant to find more information on whether or not they offer free shipping.

Does Tmall deliver on weekends?

No, Tmall does not deliver on weekends. However, affiliate shilling companies they work with like DHL do deliver shipping on weekends.

Is Tmall safe to buy items from?

Unlike some online stores, Tmall only accepts verified stores that they have vetted. This gives the customer a guarantee that the goods they are buying are genuine and are of high quality

What payment options can I use on Tmall?

You can use debit, credit, or Paypal universally. Other payment options are available depending on your geographic location.

If I cancel my order, does my refund include coupons discounted amount?

When you cancel an order, Tmall will refund money based on how much you paid for the item.

Can I contact Tmall through their social media platforms?

You can contact Tmall through the Alibaba group social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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