Tmall Tracking with Support and delivery time

Tmall Tracking: What You Need To Know

Tmall is the largest Business-to-Customer (B2C) marketplace in Asia. After Alibaba, Tmall is the only global e-commerce platform that has emerged as the leading shopping website to attract the consumers of China.

Because of its tremendous brand awareness and success rate, Tmall global provides a great business opportunity for the sellers to use their platform and fill the gap between consumers and the market in China.

Currently, Alibaba manages Tmall China and Global, as a result of which, it has grown rapidly in the e-commerce business.

Tmall and Alibaba Group

Alibaba Group, also known as Alibaba, was founded by businessman Jack Ma. The company is very well known in China, and the e-commerce giant is considered the world’s most valuable internet company.

It is now valued at approximately $409 billion and is the sixth most valuable public company on the U.S. stock market. Alibaba Group’s current value is the highest in the history of U.S. stock markets, surpassing $411 billion in August 2018.

This is a result of China’s increase in consumption and the increasing wealth of its people. As a result, Alibaba has shown interest in Tmall and purchased its stakes.

As such, China’s middle class is growing and ready to spend money on pretty much anything, but first it has to find what is of interest to them.

What You Need To Know

Tmall is always searching for trending and innovative products that not only promise high profits but also great customer service.

In the past few years, Alibaba has invested considerable amounts of money in developing Tmall in other parts of the world, including Europe, Africa, North America, and Southeast Asia.

With its vast reach, Tmall claims to be the top place for new and innovative products as well as booming startups. Alibaba has already invested and partnered with several large brands including Adidas and Apple.

The reputation of Alibaba’s Tmall Business allows for a wide selection of products to be sold from all around the world. Some of the most popular categories on Tmall are fashion and luxury goods, electronics and home appliances, and consumer services.

How Does Tmall Work?

The process begins with setting up an account, which will ask you to upload and list the products for sale. Once all the required details are filled in, you will receive an invoice and be able to approve the product.

After receiving the orders, the shipping process will begin.

Buying and Selling with Delivery Services

The buying process is easy. Once the item has been bought, you can either keep it or return it to the seller and claim the refund if the product is defective.

Is It Safe to Sell on Tmall?

The sellers of Tmall need to have a verified email address, so there is no chance of any fraud or illegal parcel activities.

Why Choose Tmall Tracking?

The sheer size of Tmall’s online marketplace and its wider reach is one of the key reasons why Chinese online merchants often turn to Tmall Tracking to ensure their product remains online in the face of tremendous competition from other e-commerce sites.

The package tracking is done with a unique tracking number given on your order.

The main of tracking with tracking number is as follows:

Easy location tracking: Tmall gives users the option to select the location in China from which they want to track the products. Tmall tracks the order to the location so that you don’t lose any sales due to the product, not shipping due to missing delivery information.

Localized delivery: Tmall Global offers a very simple delivery method, so that you just have to specify the delivery address, credit card number, and which method to be used (like Singles’ Day, Next Day, etc.).

Difference between Taobao and Tmall

Both Taobao and Tmall have similar like selling platforms but their market approach in selling are different from each other.

Taobao prefers a C2C (consumer to consumer) trading system, whereas Tmall uses a B2C (business to consumers) selling system. Tmall is a trade site based on the Tаоbао platform.

Using Taobao, users can easily set up their online shops on their platform and sell anything they want under this e-commerce company. Any buyer can signup and start selling or buying on Taobao.

Whereas on the other hand, in Tmall Group, the sellers have to undergo a verification process and if they meet the company’s requirement, they can start selling on Tmall.

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