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About Serpost

Serpost(Postal Services of Peru) is a corporation organized under private law according to the Law of State Business Activity and the Corporations Act, whose main activity is the provision of postal services in all its forms scoped action at the national and international level. Their mission: “Ensuring our customers with timely and quality postal service, strengthen social integration and help develop the country.”

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Their Customer Service

You can easily contact Serpost Supply Chain through phone and email. Unfortunately, My Package Tracking does not provide any opportunity for direct customer service inquiries related to Serpost. If you have any kind of questions, you can simply go through the official website of the Serpost supply chain and solve your queries by directly contacting the concerned people.

Shipping Charges of Serpost

The shipping charges of Serpost may differ depending on the items being delivered. In general, the cost is dependent on the size and weight of the product. But, if compared to other couriers, Serpost is one of the cheapest shipping couriers to deliver the parcels from Peru to other parts of the world. Their price range are defined as follows-

  • Peru to EU- The cost of 5kg product is 230 soles (the national currency of Peru) and 10 kg is 390 soles.
  • Peru to USA- The cost of 5 kg product is 190 soles and for 10 kg is 330 soles.
  • Peru to Australia- The cost of 5kg is around 260 soles and 10 kg is 476 soles.

Is Serpost Reliable?

Serpost is the national postal service of Peru and is one of the most reliable courier services in the world. It is a well-known and equally trusted postal service among the citizens. The company operates both domestic and international deliveries along the country. Serpost is the member of EMS scheme which confirms that it provides tremendous benefits on online businesses buying or selling products.

Serpost’s reliability can also be confirmed that you easily track your Serpost parcels by using My Package Tracking tool.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Serpost?

Servicios Postales del Perú (Serpost) is the national post office of Peru. It is dedicated to the service of correspondence, money orders, and the national and international parcel and delivery market, and fulfills the functions of the Universal Postal Service.

Is mail being delivered to Peru?

Letter post, parcel post, and registered EMS will be delivered, and with appropriate social distancing measures where a signature is necessary. Peru’s post advises that all postal operations remain suspended in accordance with the government’s extension of a state of emergency until further notice.

How long does it take to get a package from Peru?

Airmail to Europe or North America takes up to two weeks, packages and parcels can take around four to six weeks; at least they normally reach their destination.

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