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Choice Logistics Tracking, My Package Tracking allows you to track and get real-time updates for your parcels.

Choice Logistics Tracking Package- All You Need To Know

Choice Logistics Courier company was originally formed in 1997 for the Middle East and African countries. It is known for its one-stop delivery service for all the customers living in the Middle East and Africa. The company has gained experience over the years and is now transformed into a professional international logistics enterprise.

It has its headquarters in Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province with branches in Shenzhen Yiwu and Hong Kong. Internationally, Choice Logistics has its branches in Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Kenya, Cameroon, Nigeria, D.R. Congo, Uganda, R.E.P Congo, Tanzania, and Senegal.

CHOICE Logistics shipping service:

  •     1. One-stop Air Freight
  •     2. Africa Groupage Service
  •     3. Bonded Warehouse Speedy Groupage
  •     4. Asia Groupage Service
  •     5. Africa Export Shipping
  •     6. Africa FCL Service

Contact CHOICE Logistics:

  • Contact number: 400 613 8844
  • The email address:

Get Your Tracking Solutions for the Worldwide Parcels

Get global solutions with one click

Today, My Package Tracking will be the perfect option for tracking your parcels as it provides both domestic and international updates in the same manner. We deliver a great solution for tracking your all Choice Logistics couriers. You have to simply enter your tracking ID number and all the information will be right in front of your screen.

Get all your delivery information in just one click

With My Package Tracking, you will be able to track all your package information from any part of the world in just a single click. It allows you to save your valuable time by surfing other sites to get the same information. We also provide the option of different languages so you can easily understand things in your native language. Track your Choice Logistics courier at My Package Tracking.

Get all the information on one page

We believe, no website other than My Package Tracking allows you to view all the tracking updates in your desired language. We deliver all the tracking-related information on a single page that saves your time of navigation from one page to another. You can view all the reports on a single page. So don’t waste your time trying other things. Simply switch to My Package Tracking to track your Choice Logistics parcels.

Get Choice Logistics Parcel updates in your hand

Do you wish to track multiple couriers in one click? Well, My Package Tracking will be the best solution for you. It delivers all the package information at your mail which saves your time of surfing different websites to get the same piece of information.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I track my Choice Logistics delivery package?

You can monitor your courier using the website My-Package-Tracking. Enter Tracking no and press the track speed post button. You’ll receive your tracking result, and should there is a matter, then press view full display for a greater outcome.

How can I track any lost post tracking number?

There isn’t any way to track or trace a Choice Logistics Speed Post Article without a consignment number in the public domain. Nevertheless, you may go to the addressee’s area Post Office. You may inquire for any articles pending for delivery named on the addressee repeatedly if it isn’t delivered in the stipulated time.

How to track the package without any tracking number?

Unfortunately, there is no way to track your Choice Logistics delivery package without any tracking number.

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