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Coupang Tracking: How To Find It And TTokopedia Tracking: Everything You Need to Know About Tokopedia Tracking

Tokopedia is the technological e-commerce shipping company founded by William Tanuwijawa and Leonitius Alpha Edison in 2009. The company was started like other logistics businesses where it offers it users to buy or sell a wide range of variety of products in Indonesia.

Today, the Tokopedia users of Indonesia are benefited with different products like digital services, investments, digital wallets, virtual credit cards, concert tickets, etc. Tokopedia is one of the leading tech companies of the nation.

What is Tokopedia?

It is a universal online platform that connects more than 40,000 sellers from Indonesia to different countries such as Singapore, Malaysia, and the United States. Basically, Tokopedia is a Chinese name meaning “share everything.”

In English, Tokopedia refers to the largest digital online marketplace in the world. Over 200 million of Indonesian people are using Tokopedia.

It is considered as a leader among e-commerce companies in the country.

Tokopedia Benefits

Recruitment and the job-to-job exchange Tokopedia lets you make a career path within the company. It makes sure that a professional level job position is offered to you.

If you are an undergraduate or a graduate student, you can get a job in a company based on your academic training and hard work.

How does it work?

Tokopedia Tracking (TT) is the major service of the company.

Through this service, anyone can make an online transaction by simply entering his/her contact number, email address, and delivery address in the various products like mobile phone, phone charger, electric power bank, prepaid cards, etc.

The customer’s ID can be seen clearly in the app and the TT number is displayed clearly on the website as well. After the customer has done the transactions, he/she has to provide TT number so that the person can track the transaction and help him/her know about the shipment progress as well.

It also helps the seller to track the customer’s purchase/transaction: For example, let’s say that a customer has placed an order for 100 dresses and he/she wants to pay the seller from his/her mobile phone, then he can track it too.

Why use Tokopedia?

Tokopedia has become the biggest e-commerce site in Southeast Asia and has had the biggest e-commerce brand of Indonesia as well.

Since its opening until now, Tokopedia has matured continuously and has evolved into the largest digital platform where you can shop around freely and save lots of money. Aside from the personal use, the business management applications also show a lot of promise for the business sector.

It makes everything from how the business should run, how to predict its revenue, and even the best way to promote their goods. For this reason, Tokopedia has grown as the largest company for online business in Indonesia.

There are also a lot of free economic updates, tools, and business information for traders and their business needs. The customers can easily select their favorite items by looking at the photo or image.

The good and the bad of Tokopedia

The bad news about Tokopedia can be found in the way that there have been security breaches during the time that there was a failure of their technical system. This means that there have been times where some people can gain access to some of the personal data of the Tokopedia customer.

This could be anything from the information stored on their Tokopedia account, to the login credentials and password. Since the introduction of such security breach, there was an announcement that they would temporarily halt the registration process of new accounts on the website. The company also stores cookies to serve the best prices.

The good news is that at the time when Tokopedia was temporarily suspended, there had been two major companies from Malaysia who have expressed their interest in buying Tokopedia. Tokopedia offer good knowledge for each product.

Tokopedia Package Status

  1. Awaiting Confirmation : Payment has been verified, waiting for the Seller to accept the order.
  2. Order Processed : The seller has received the order, your order is in the packaging stage.
  3. Order Sent : Your order is in delivery by courier service.
  4. Order Arrived : Your order has arrived at the destination address, please check the name of the recipient of your order if you do not receive the item.
  5. Order Complained : Your order has encountered a problem and you have filed a complaint.
  6. Order Completed : You have confirmed that the goods have been received, and the funds will be forwarded to the seller.
  7. Canceled Order : Your order has been canceled by the seller for some reason.

Tokopedia International Shipping

Tokopedia has its retail store only in Indonesia so it make deliveries with the same country. The company has its own delivery partners known as TokoCabang.

They operate within the some cities of Indonesia. As a user, if you want the deliveries abroad, then you can do that by registering with an international shipping companies which sends packages worldwide.

You can do it by registering on the website and entering your delivery number on the same.

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