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What is Mercado Libre? Best Online Marketplace in Argentina

MercadoLibre Inc, also known as “free market” in Spanish and “Mercado Livre” Portuguese, is an Argentine shipping company with its headquarters in Buenos Aires.

In 2016, the company alone registered 174.2 million users in Latin America, making it the region’s most popular e-commerce site by the number of visitors.

It has operations in Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Mexico, Spain, Ecuador, Guatemala, and Honduras, Peru, Panama, Uruguay, and Venezuela.

What is En Mercado Libre?

Mercado Libre was founded in 1999 and has been developing shopping platforms since 2003. The idea for Mercado Libre came from founders Fabio Kleiner and David Alago, former executives at Oracle.

They were initially hesitant to turn to the internet as a way of selling. Still, they realized that if they bought the inventory of Amazon, eBay, and the like, they could save money and increase profits by selling directly to their own users.

In this way, they could build a profitable business in a challenging but very lucrative space. The company sold more than $800 million worth of goods on the platform by the end of 2005. In June of 2013, Mercado Libre sold 30% of its equity to two strategic investors.

The company and its founder

Mauricio Valenzuela founded Mercado Libre in 1999 in Buenos Aires, Argentina, to offer an alternative to eBay and, whose rule of selling in the country was considered to be too strict.

Unlike eBay and Amazon, Mercado Libre allows a wide variety of items to be sold by independent sellers, usually small businesses or individuals. These items have to be approved by Mercado Libre to be sold on the site, but items may be purchased directly from the sellers without an additional charge.

A number of larger retailers offer Mercado Libre products as an additional business activity, which can be done using Mercado Libre’s payment gateway.

How does this e-Commerce work?

Users can search the site by the content or by a specified area of interest, then add an item to their shopping cart and proceed to checkout. If the customer chooses to pay with a credit card, they complete the transaction within minutes.

Payment methods include Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Diners Club, or online banking payment methods. Porque estás Siempre protegido means your details are secured and protected with the company. The site also offers items by third parties through an integrated service, Mercado Pago, which allows customers to purchase millions of products for sale by independent sellers worldwide.

It also offers a loyalty program for customers to accumulate points to purchase additional products. Most items are sold at rates above those of comparable stores and produce competitive margins.

How Fast are their services?

As soon as you place the order, the En Mercado Libre standard delivery services guarantees that your order will be shipped within 15 days. But if the destination is near or within reach, the order may reach within 24 hours too.

Since this free market works as a multicontinental region company, the time also varies for different regions. The main factors involved in delivering the parcels are the parcel’s size, weight, and urgency to be shown.

Does Mercado Livre have Free Shipping?

However, this courier package company is currently not offering any free shipping, but it guarantees that your costs ensure the packaging of your quality even after several drops.

The Mercado Libre’s shipping department handles all the information about how a product goes from one seller to user. In this guide, you can learn more about the shipment resource, how to print labels, get shipment details like status shipment and more buyer information about address. Also you can inform the tracking to users.

Does Mercado Offers Returns on their Parcels?

Yes, it offers a return on the parcels which are damaged or have defects in them. If such issues are seen while handling the package from the seller or before the packaging, it can be returned. In such cases, the shipping firm will handle the parcel back to the seller. It also provides a complete insurance advantage in case the parcel is lost, damaged, or stolen.

Who is Mercado Libre’s competition?

Mercado Libre’s website features a Top 100 of e-commerce sites. The Top 50 list includes sites such as Amazon, eBay, Alibaba, and the biggest portals of China, Russia, and Southeast Asia. There are currently nine Web stores among the top 20 rankings.

What is their business model?

There are two ways in which Mercado Libre differentiates itself from competitors: the way it generates revenue and the way it owns and operates its own subsidiaries.

Generating Revenue:

In 2015, Mercado Libre generated $424 million in total revenue. Two-thirds of the revenues were paid out as revenue to merchants, and the remaining third paid to the owners and founders. The company has established a for-profit division in Uruguay, which provides merchant support for B2B e-commerce.


While Amazon has dominated the market in the United States, this e-commerce company is currently capturing a sizable portion of online retail sales in Latin America and selling at low prices. In fact, since taking ownership of Mercado Libre, Amazon has been unable to crack its dominance in Argentina, where Mercado Libre sells at a 40% discount on Amazon’s prices. Of course, Amazon is not the only player in the online marketplace space, as Flipkart has risen to challenge Mercado Libre in India.

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