EMS delivery time – how do I get my packages?

About EMS and its delivery time – how do I get my packages?

In those last few months, online shopping may have become more of interest than usual. Depending on the purchased products shipping from China, the USA or other countries around the world must be realized. Certain delivery services like EMS delivery are coming in to place then. To observe the delivery process, they provide the customer with a tracking service. This article informs how long the EMS delivery time takes and how its shipment works.

EMS delivery time

EMS short term for Express Mail Service is offered by the postal operators of the Universal Postal Union (UPU) and delivers merchandise and documents. Because of the UPU that created the EMS Cooperative a delivery in over 180 connected countries and territories is possible.

EMS stands out in three ways:

  • It has a large and worldwide delivery network: Every business and citizen in the world can be reached enabled by the largest last-mile coverage worldwide of EMS postal operators and its support by the postal delivery network
  • The provision of a priority express service: EMS gets prioritized over other similar postal services
  • It is simply convenient: The global network of EMS offers the most customer access points in the world regarding Post Office counters.

What about the EMS delivery time?

What about the EMS delivery time?

EMS is not a single courier but an association of different couriers who operate around the world. That is the reason why express delivery is possible. Compared to common shipping products from companies like China Post, the EMS delivery time will take only half the amount of time.

  • EMS delivery time to the USA: 7 to 15 days
  • EMS delivery time to the Philippines: 2 to 3 days (from Japan)
  • EMS delivery time to Australia: around 4 weeks
  • EMS delivery time to the UK: 5 to 7 business days
  • EMS delivery time from China to the UK: 10 to 12 days

Where does EMS deliver packages and what is the EMS delivery time?

However, it is not that easy to predict the exact arriving time or EMS delivery time as well as generalize the estimated shipping times. A great amount of package couriers worldwide works together with the EMS System. Normally the package arrives within a few days and is delivered on working days between 8 am to 8 pm.

To get a better overview of the estimated EMS delivery time the following table is provided:

OriginDestinationEMS Delivery time
EMS China, EMS Singapore, or EMS IndonesiaAsiaEuropeUSA2 to 5 days10 to 12 days7 to 10 days

The exact EMS delivery time or at what time a package arrives at the given address can not be said for sure. Nevertheless, the arriving time can be predicted more or less with the EMS delivery tracking system.

Is EMS live delivery tracking by map possible?

Yes, it is. We provide a map that shows the package status and where it is exactly at the very same moment. To receive the wished information an EMS tracking number is required.

As soon as the EMS tracking number is inserted in the given panel, the status of the parcel is given as well as the position on the map.

Together with artificial intelligence, we use at our website we can predict the EMS delivery time and the arrival at the recipients’ address.

How does the EMS delivery service work?

This international shipping service is offered by the members of the UPU. Therefore, there are no big differences in the processing of an order and delivery of a parcel. The only major difference compared to a standard shipping product is the fast EMS delivery time.

EMS Service

1. EMS transportation procedure after purchasing

This begins right at the start of the transportation procedure after purchasing an article from a vendor. When the delivery is realized by EMS the dealer sends the parcel directly to the partner organizations or members, who then prepare it for further shipment. This procedure takes 1 to 3 days depending on the vendors’ location and the chosen express organization.

2. dedicated package

After the parcel arrived in a dedicated package center it will be sorted by factors like size, destination, and similar factors. Thereby EMS packages will be prioritized in the process.

3. EMS delivery security check

If the parcel is further sent by air, the next stage of the delivery is a security check at the airport. The EMS packages prepared for this purpose allow customs to proceed easily. This again shortens the EMS delivery time. After passing customs, the package is passed on to a plane that takes it to the destination country. All in all, it takes around 2 days.

Is EMS delivery safe?

There is always a certain risk of losing a package when it is sent overseas with an international shipment. However, tracking the parcel is very helpful in this regard. The purchaser can make sure if the package has already been shipped and is on its way. In case of losing a parcel with the help of the tracking system, it is possible to find out where the package was lost. Comes the package with insurance, a claim settlement is possible.

EMS delivers packages all over the world. This includes shipments to and from the USA, Australia, the Philippines, and the UK. The following given EMS delivery time may vary a bit but generally, it takes only a few days.