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Dafiti Tracking: The Ultimate Guide To Get Your Package In Time

Being smart is breathing fashion and technology and Dafiti understands this: they are the largest fashion and lifestyle e-commerce in Latin America, with more than 5 years of existence, universal mobile platform (yes, you can access it through IOS and smartphones and tablets Android!) and branches in Argentina, Chile and Colombia. In your smartfashion you can find everything you need with a few clicks, no judgments and you still receive it quickly all over Brazil! In the country alone, there are more than 1,000 brands and 110,000 products divided into six categories: clothing, shoes, beauty.

Dafiti Tracking

Dafiti Tracking is one of the most intuitive and quick to use services in the world. These features are deeply integrated to let you enjoy everything: to receive packages when they are almost ready, to make you feel secure by remembering your account information and to reach the door with packages that are not far from the user. The simple way to watch a package is free! All you need is your device and your location! Dafiti allow for easily tracking the status of your parcel with even storing the cookies on the browser on their site.

Delivery Options

(note: you can order more than one package at a time so be sure to check the availability of the delivery method in your location.) For the most convenient way of getting your products, take advantage of one of Dafiti’s 3 Delivery options: Pick-up (2-day delivery) : for consumers living in a large city in the South, usually near the beach, the town center or CBD. The customer gets to the Dafiti warehouse location to pick-up their package before it is sent to the client, but, once again, this is not for everyone, especially if the delivery is at night.

Special Delivery Conditions

The most important things when sending clothes and other items are the following:

1) Please make sure to register with your e-mail account on the website of Dafiti (requirement can be completed when you login to the e-commerce platform).

2) There is a dedicated form that you need to fill, before any pedido (order).

3) The company asks that if you don’t pay, they notify you with one day after your package has been delivered, through the e-mail you used to register. If you don’t pay for the order within this time, your application will be cancelled.

How to Track Your Package

Before making the shipment, the company will notify you before 24 hours before the estimated delivery of your status. You can still notify the courier about the delivery time and request to ship your package to your correct address with the right content. Packaging is the responsibility of the courier, so they make sure they are equipped with the right materials and packaging.

For tracking your parcels live, you can visit My Package Tracking and get the live results of your packages. Our site does not store any cookies. For tracking the parcels, the customers need to enter their tracking number on the site which they may have received on their email address.


With the Dafiti tracker, no more shipping confusion, no more questions, and just pure security, love and the best experience in order to take care of your package! Everything you do on Dafiti goes through an app you can easily access via the ios or android phones. It’s perfect for businesses, government services, banks, schools, … because it takes the boring and tedious parts and makes them look simple and convenient! It’s easier for you to shop because you can see all the stores you have discounts and discounts for yourself! What is even better is that the second generation of our tracker will be available on our platform for consumers (when we add the all new iOS), so you can also track your package on your Dafiti accounts!

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