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My Package Tracking allows you easily and quickly track all your Mauritius Post parcels and view the real-time updates related to it.

The company was specifically designed for social sellers and buyers for helping them in making the internet a safer place for payments.

About Mauritius Post

Mauritius Post has over 114 offices spread in the national territory, with more than 1300 workers. They provide many different kinds of services, like Mauritius Post express delivery and tracking service, financial advisory, bill payment, fintech, e-commerce, retail services, and some others.

Mauritius Post not only offers on-time and super-fast delivery but also provides various tools and services for making the online platform more friendly and convenient. They also offer-

●     No COD fees

●     Friendly Delivery fees

●     Rebates when late

Tracking Mauritius Post Order

The tracking feature is one of the most essential feature required for any postal services which helps in tracking the status of any parcel. You will find this tracking feature working well on Mauritius Post website. This process begins at the Post office when the customer delivers for any order. As soon as it is done, the company operators will take the parcel and register it in the database of the company.

Such registrations are done for every parcel received with a single code. This code will work as the official Mauritius Post tracking number for the label purpose of each product. The officials working in the company will update the information of every single receiver and sender along with the weight and size of the product.

Most Mauritius parcels are delivered with FedEx shipping company. Click here for tracking your FedEx parcels.

Mauritius Post International Shipping

Although, Mauritius Post offers quite a variety of shipping services, but it mainly focuses on local shipping. They try their best to ensure that the packages are being delivered to every single city inside the country. Their transportation method includes ground vehicles, planes, and boats. The delivery times of Mauritius packages depends on the method of transportation.

However, being a member of EMS Cooperative ensures that the parcels of Mauritius Posts including urgent letter and packages are delivered on time all over the world. Also, they are the member of the Universal Postal Union which helps this company with mind-blowing services. It helps Mauritius Post tracking company to ship bulk packages within the country as well as globally.

How Much Do Mauritius Post Charge?

The shipping charges of Mauritius Posts are calculated equally regarding the different features of the parcels. The cost indirectly depends upon the distance, weight, and size of the parcel. But if you use their express delivery service, the cost slightly increases.

Overall, the shipping charges of Mauritius posts are not much expensive. The regular pricing for letters or documents may vary from $4 to $10 depending on the distance. On the other hand, the prices for heavier objects may vary from $4 to $185 depending on the weight and size. The Express Mail service will cost more but will take less time to deliver.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take for Mauritius Post parcels to get delivered?

Usually, it takes about 2-14 days for Mauritius Post parcels to get delivered. However, the shipping time generally depends on various factors like order date, destination country, weekends, custom policies, etc.

How does the Mauritius Post Tracking number look?

While shipping your parcels, the Mauritius Post tracking courier company generates a combination of letters and numbers that plays an important role in tracking your delivery packages.

The format of most of the tracking codes is the set of 13 digits, with 2 alphabets, in the beginning, followed by 9 digits, and 2 letters at the last.

How to contact Mauritius Post customer service?

If you are facing some confusion or require any support on your delivery parcel, then you can easily contact the Mauritius Post customer support system. They will help you regardless of any queries or suggestions via phone or email as quickly as possible.

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